Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Meet Chewbi!!

Yesterday, Matt and I welcomed a new addition to our family, a Shih-Tzu puppy we named
Kenobi Chewbacca. We toyed with other names, like Fitzwilliam and Pemberley, and Matt wanted to name him Wicket or Warrick, we also considered Ares and Valancourt, but in the end we decided on
Kenobi Chewbacca because it just fit him better than any of the other names--Matt just talked me into changing it, on the promise that I can call him Chewbi. We also thought it would be easier for him to learn because of the hard sound at the front, and it works because our other Shih-Tzu baby's name is Anakin!  Win, win. 

Chewbacca is 8 weeks old and will be gold when he's grown, but for now he's this adorable brownish color. He's very playful, loves to nap, eats and drinks quite a bit, and already knows how to use the piddle pads. He's really a wonderful dog and we're so happy to have him.

Unfortunately, Ani's not as happy about it. He's been very skittish about the puppy, he doesn't know what to think of him yet. Whenever Chewbi tries to play with him, he runs away or barks at him. At first, I was actually a little bit worried about it, but I read that it can take several weeks for older dogs to warm to puppies, so I'm keeping an open mind. I'm sure Anakin will grow to love him, but it may take time and the puppy may have to grow a little bit, as right now he's tiny.

Look at those eyes!!

I just fell instantly in love with him!!

He is a bit of a biter, but he's teething so it's expected. I've been trying to give him other things to chew on, but he prefers fingers and pant legs--hence the change in his name to Chewbacca.

Now I'm off to snuggle with the little guy while he sleeps. I'm sure there will be many more pictures to come, I'm a little camera crazy like that!! ~.^