Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Bosque River Trail

I've said, a few times now, that Matt and I are getting some walking into our schedules. We're having a lovely time with it, too, so yesterday we decided to check out the Bosque River Trail, a walking trail that was recently constructed and that we hadn't tried yet. I looked it up on the net, found out a little bit about it, and we set off. We parked at the River Walk Laundry, which it turns out isn't the head of the trail. It also turns out that when you start that way you walk through a little run down neighborhood. So, we won't be going that way again.

The net said the path is 1.5 miles long, which seems like a nice distance since we're just starting out. Of course, what it neglected to mention is that that's only one way. The path isn't round, it's a trail so we had to walk one way, then back the other. By the time we were done, we'd walked almost 3 miles, which is about three times more than our usual walks. We're trying to ease into it and by the time that 3 miles was over, I felt like I was going to die! All in all, I felt like it could have been more clear about the distance.

Anyway, the walk started out really lovely, walking under this bridge. I love the way the two bridges intersect in the picture on the left! Once we were underway, the path was a lovely walk through an unpopulated area. Anywhere else and I might have felt unsafe, but Stephenville is so idyllic.

By the time we got to the place pictured on the left, we'd walked about 1.25 miles. We were tired, but not so much so that we couldn't enjoy it for a minute. There's a lovely little gazebo with some wildlife information, so we took a seat and rested for a sec. There's also a little sign, not behind where I was standing that says "end" to indicate that the trail comes to a stop there. So, we turned around and went back. We did stop a few times, to have a seat, and just enjoy the scenery. The afternoon was so, so beautiful!! The picture on the right shows the branches and the sky along the way.

I took many more pictures, but I didn't post them to Instagr.am, so I don't have them to share. Besides, I think the above pictures really capture the essence of the walk. If we do that path again, we'll start from the other end. We'll start at Graham Street (the picture on the bottom left) and walk the opposite direction of the way we did yesterday. Then, when we get to the residential, we'll turn and go back. It'll be a little bit more than a mile that way, I think, which is more than enough for us right now.

If you're ever in Stephenville, check it out. It's a nice little walk along a tiny little river. Best of all, it's well lit and it's safe!