Saturday, January 14, 2012

Chewbi Climbing

I made this video the other day and just had to share. Chewbi is currently confined to an exercise pen, in the house, when we can't supervise him 100% or when he needs time to just play and be away from the other animals. We noticed the other day that he had learned to climb the side of the pen, onto the top of his crate. It's absolutely insane... dogs don't climb!

Sorry for the terrible quality. I took this vid with my iPhone 3GS. I'm thinking I'll make a better one another time, with my Flip Mino Camera, but for now, this is what I've got. I went ahead and made a better video, which shows him climbing twice. He's such a sweet little guy. Soon, if we don't move the crate away from the side of the exercise pen, he'll be able to jump out. I edited the video with YouTube's awesome video editing tools, complete with this really adorable campy music. Enjoy!