Monday, January 9, 2012

Cold Weather & The Shih-Tzu Pup

It poured rain here all night last night, and all morning this morning. I couldn't ask for better weather, except that despite changing our thermostat out for one that works, the heater still isn't heating. Since it's not a priority for us right now, as we can't afford to have it fixed, we're just dealing with the chill. It's only been in the mid-to-low 40s at the lowest, and has recently been as warm as 70 degrees here. While I want to remind Texas that it's January, and should be cold, the part of me that's freezing my tatas off is glad it's not colder, and is grateful for the warmer days. Even Matt isn't complaining about the warmer days, which is unusual, and a few days ago he actually said he's thankful that it's not colder. Fact is, Matt and I can deal with the cold, I only worry about Anakin, Galileo, and especially Chewbi, who's tiny and must get cold quite easily. Thankfully, he has a nice little crate where he can hide from the weather... wish I did!

Speaking of Chewbi, check this out...

He's getting so big and turning more and more gold every day--which I just realized is really hard to see from this picture. Goodness, he's adorable... naughty, but adorable. Exactly what you expect from a shih-tzu puppy. I think the thing I love the most about shih-tzu puppies is how unlike shih-tzus they actually look. I mean, he will grow up to look nothing like that, but it's an adorable process to watch! Ani went through it and is now a full grown dog and I can't wait to see what Chewbi looks like when he's all grown up! Speaking of Ani, he's still not really sure about him, but he's warming to him a little each day. He doesn't try to eat him anymore, so that's a plus, and he only barks at him when Chewbi barks at him first (an unfortunate habit Chewbi picked up from Ani).

Well, I set out with this post to talk about this being the last full week before school starts back and how I'm preparing, but it didn't really go that way, did it? We go back on the 17th, the day after MLK day, but my first class won't be until the 18th, since my classes are only MWF classes. Anyway, something to talk about next time! For now, I'm off. I still need to get around and brave the weather to go to Wal-Mart and get dog food so Ani and Chewbi don't starve. Poor little guys, what an inconvienient time to run out of food.

See ya next time!