Sunday, January 29, 2012

My (Active) Valentine's Day Plans

I asked Matt, tonight, what he wanted to do for Valentine's Day. It's always a little sentimental to ask him, around this time of January, about Valentine's Day because it calls to mind how we got married. Namely, after we decided we wanted to get married and when, we both put it out of mind until about this time in January when I asked him, casually, "did you still want to get married on Valentine's Day?" We had a little conversation about it and went down to get our marriage license, simple as that. Anyway, I asked him about what he wanted to do for our 12th anniversary and rather than deciding to go out to dinner, or exchange gifts, or buy flowers, he had a rather neat and quite original idea.

Here it is, he said, "let's take something up together." Let me tell you, my mind went completely off the mark with this one. As soon as he said it, all I could think was: couples yoga, ballroom dancing, cooking classes? Of course he didn't mean anything like that, he's inflexible, uncoordinated, and is not allowed to go anywhere near the kitchen. When I asked him for clarification, he said that since we were trying to get healthy together this year, that for our anniversary, in light and celebration of our marriage, we should take up some activity we can share and learn together. His first suggestion was basketball, but we decided on tennis... a game neither of us are competent to play, though he used to be, so he'll have me beat from the start. It's okay, it's about getting active, not about winning. I just hope it's not a problem since Matt usually hates games he's not good at.

So, sometime soon (maybe Monday after I get off work), we're going to go pick out tennis racquets, a can of tennis balls, and we'll also get a basketball. For me, this idea was remarkably romantic. He knows that losing weight is really important to me and that I've really had a lot of good luck with it so far--I've lost 23 lbs since December. And, I'm not the only one committed to it, he's doing fantastic as well. So rather than going out and breaking our new healthy lifestyle with fattening, fried, and creamy saucy foods we're going to have a nice meal, see my last post about the Chicken with Apples & Cider, and spend some time soaking up the sun and getting exercise. I'm also thinking we might have a nice picnic in the park, but I'm not sure about that yet. We'll see.

Brilliant, my husband, and so considerate of my efforts to look better, feel better, and improve my health. It means so much every day, but when he's so amazing for our anniversary it somehow means more. So, this is what we'll be doing this year, what about you? Are you planning to spend an evening in, go out somewhere, double date? I'd love to hear about your plans.