Monday, January 16, 2012

Walking the Weekend Away

I said, in my last post, that I thought that Matt and I might start walking together for exercise, but that I didn't know. Turns out that we are, we started on Saturday (the day I actually authored that last post), and have decided that we'll walk every day. I'm thinking that we'll actually skip a day here and there, we'll need to rest, but we're going to go as often as possible. The problem with us, you see, is that if we skip that's it, we sort of forget we ever were walking. So, we need to get into a routine, which we've both agreed would be awesome, so we're going to give it an honest shot. I thought, though, that it might be fun to share some of the pictures I took during our weekend walks at the local city park.

Saturday was absolutely beautiful. We had food and, while we were out, decided to swing by the park for a walk. It was the perfectly perfect day, with the perfectly perfect weather, and we got in a nice one mile walk.

Matt got a little annoyed when, near the end of our walk, I stopped to take a few pictures. Still, I think they both came out really nice. Such a pretty day, definitely one to remember. Of course, by the time we got home my allergies were absolutely destroying me, but that's not enough to keep us inside. Central Texas can be so beautiful.

Then, there was Sunday. Sunday was windy and cold, but we got food and on the way to the park to walk, the birds were gathering. Matt says it's a bad sign, that the winter is ending here and that we won't have another freeze.

By the time we got out to the park the sun was starting to sink onto the western horizon. It was pretty, clouds starting to fill the sky, but it was quite chilly. That didn't stop us, we got our walk on anyway. We didn't quite get in one mile, only about 9/10 of a mile, but at least we managed to get some exercise.

Matt wouldn't have been in the first picture, except that when I stopped to snap the shot, he kept walking. It's also a little darker than I had intended, but the filter I chose when editing it was somewhat dark. By the time we were done, we were losing light really fast, but I still managed to catch that neat picture of the baseball fields anyway. Like Saturday, by the time we were home I couldn't much breathe. Especially because it was windy!

We're looking forward to many more lovely walks, especially since we've decided to splurge and buy ourselves Fitbit as a belated Christmas present. Oh, and there's another walking path in town, nearer us than the park, so we may take that one next time. We've not taken it yet because it's both new and a little creepy, but unlike the park path, the creepy one is lit which would allow us to walk at night. We'll see!