Wednesday, February 29, 2012


I won't lie, this blog post will rant. It might even rave. Let's just say that I have good reason. But, rather than leaving it at that, I'm going to share them with you. Wouldn't be much of a blog post if I just said, "I have issues. That is all." now would it?! Okay, so you may be aware, from my ranting before, or on Facebook, that in the last several months my heater and dishwasher decided to go the way of Old Yeller. Yeah. That sucked, especially since it was pretty cold for a while there, and because I absolutely hate to wash dishes (and my dishes are behind, constantly, because of it). What you may not be aware of is that this breaking down thing is turning into a real comedy of errors... and it's not at all funny!

So a few weeks ago, my toaster and microwave decided to bite the dust. They're both old appliances, and neither of them were expensive, so I wasn't too heartbroken. Well, except that making waffles and Lean Cuisine in the oven is a chore. I mean, when I say they're old, I mean the toaster was a wedding present the first time I got married, in 1998 and it wasn't terribly expensive then. The microwave was Matt's grandfathers. We inherited it, along with a lot of other things, when he passed away in 2002. Matt says he thinks that his grandfather had that microwave for a good decade before that, too, so it was the microwave's time to go.

Was I ticked that everything is breaking? Oh yes, and I'm not terribly tolerant of things like that. But, what I was more upset about is that everything is breaking at the same damn time!! That's the really annoying part. I mean, the heater, dishwasher, toaster, and microwave all around the same time. That really breaks my heart because it feels like we can't seem to get a break... ugh, no pun intended, of course!  That stuff won't be cheap to replace, and because of that we're not fixing the heater or the dishwasher right now. I cannot, however, live without a microwave or toaster. Oh, but wait, there's more and this is the last straw, the one that made me go off the deep end.

The coffee pot broke. Yeah, this week, after all of that, when coffee could help us cope, the coffee pot decided to die. This is the second one we've had in as many months, so having to replace it again is not a good thing. This was the last thing we needed, and had it broken at any other time, I don't think I'd have been upset about it. Breaking at the same time as every-damn-thing-else in my house is what gets me!  And you know, I don't even drink that much coffee. Matt, however, drinks about two pots a day (and he's actually cut back, would you believe it?!) and dealing with his tantrum when the coffee pot went to the other side wasn't fun!  The man literally had a tantrum and was going to make coffee on the stove, in a pot. That's desperation! I had to remind him that we have a french press. The dork.

Still, I think half of his tantrum had to do with the fact that he's as pissed about everything breaking as I am. A friend said, "Well, look on the bright side, now everything will be new" but I don't care about new, I just want my stuff to stop breaking! So today, after work, I get to go to Wal-Mart before Matt goes to work and replace some of that stuff. Just what I want after a long day, to go to Wal-Mart and spend money on things I don't really want to buy, but need nonetheless. Great. I just keep wondering, what next?!

What... next?! I'm almost afraid to find out. :(