Friday, February 24, 2012

Dilly Dally...Dillidally...

Meet Dillidally, my new World of Warcraft character. Yes, I her name is intentional (and Dillydally was taken). I was playing WoW yesterday, relaxing, when I suddenly realized that if I was going to use Warcraft to procrastinate, I might as well own it. Also, I was overcome with the desire to play a Goblin, so I combined the two things and Dilli was born.

Originally, I was going to name her Procrastinator, or Procrastination, but I decided that was a bit too on the nose. So, her name is Dillidally because it says the same thing, without such an obvious nod to my shameful behavior.

What's good, I suppose, is that last night I had a spark of inspiration about Chapter Three, so I won't be dilly dallying around quite as much as I would otherwise have done. This is a good thing, even if I would just rather play WoW sometimes. I'll get thing done... it may just require a little bit of dilly dally along the way.