Monday, February 6, 2012

Plus-Size Activewear... Ha!

Okay, hold on, I'm about to rant a little bit. I had another topic in mind, but this one cropped up today, so the other topic will have to wait until tomorrow.  Anyway, while at Wal-Mart with Matt this evening, getting a cold pack and some aspirin, I decided to get some exercise pants. Since I signed up for the gym, I've come to realize that I really have nothing to wear to the gym. I have a few pairs of polyester exercise/lounge type pants, but they're very unflattering, so I don't like to wear them. I have been, for lack of anything better, but that doesn't mean I like them. Come to think of it, I also needed socks, but I forgot until just right now, which is Matt's fault because he was complaining about his sprained knee and wanted to go.

So, I walked around the clothing section for a while, looking at what they had, and you know, all of the workout clothes were tiny sizes. Do clothing manufacturers think larger girls don't workout? Do they think we don't want to be comfortable? It's really disgruntling and, honestly, I was really unhappy. It took me twenty minutes, but I eventually found one rack with plus size exercise pants. One-freaking-rack, in the midst of all of those racks of tiny little sizes 0-8 pants and absolutely no shirts!! Seriously, pissed doesn't even begin to cover it. I was so ticked.

Eventually, I did end up buying one pair of Danskin exercise pants, they're gray with two pink stripes down the outside seam. They also had blue with teal stripes and black with white stripes, so I'll probably go back and get a few more pairs because they're really comfy and look good on me. That doesn't change the fact that I'm incredibly disappointed with most clothing companies, Danskin included, but more-so companies like Just My Size who're supposed to make cute plus-size clothes. I mean, JMS manages to make sweat pants, which aren't flattering on anyone, big or small, but where're the flattering workout clothes?

What really gets me about it is that everyone preaches to larger people about how we're a burden on the system and we're unhealthy, blah, blah, blah... but when we try to do something about it we can't find even the simplest necessities. You know, like workout clothes! Try finding yoga pants in plus sizes, just try, what you'll find is pants that cost $75-$100 or more, for one freaking pair of pants, and only online. It's ridiculous. How are we supposed to get healthy when support products are only available for smaller people?!

Ultimately, I was able to find them, but what if I'd been a size or two larger? I wouldn't have been able to buy them. I guess companies that make exercise clothes, like Danskin, just assume that all plus-size people are lazy and want to be eternally unhealthy. It's shameful that no one thinks about making really good clothes, of any sort, for plus-size girls, particularly when such a larger part of the public is size 14+. Seriously, shame on them!


  1. I really inspire to lose weight in this article..Thanks for sharing..

  2. I've noticed that stores, in general, are oblivious to demographics. In L.A. I'm sure most stores must carry an overabundance of size 0-2 clothes, since no one eats out there. But everywhere else in America, there are far fewer anorexics, and statistics say something like 60% of Americans are overweight to some degree. However, most stores don't have a CLUE about demographics and order an equal amount of each size of clothing, even though maybe 90% of their shoppers can't fit into the smalls or extra-smalls and 40% of their shoppers probably need larges or extra larges. Then the largest sizes sell out right away and there is nothing left on the racks but XS, S and a few Ms. Don't even bother looking at the discount racks for women, because it's always the extra-smalls and smalls they can't get rid of because only 10% of their customers population can wear those sizes!

    Somehow store buyers DO have a clue when it comes to men -- most of the clothes they order for men are Ls, XLs, and even XXL... Sometimes regular stores will even carry "fat" jeans for men, but it's much harder to find regular stores to carry anything for "fat" women. If I go to the discount rack in some of the local stores, I can still find lots of larger sizes for men on the rack. At least in shirts.

    And by the way, does Walmart still charge more for the larger sizes? I heard at one time they did.

    Plus-size stores are different of course, but there are far fewer of them and you can't find one in every town. (Same with Big and Tall stores for men.)

  3. Unfortunately, stores and manufacturers have to charge more for plus size fashions of all types, because it takes more fabric to produce them...sad but true. I worked for a clothing manufacturer in the early 70's... It took nearly half again as much fabric to cut the larger sizes and in most cases there was a lot more wasted fabric around the pieces than for the smaller sizes...that said, I do think that the industry capitalizes on it because they can; by that I mean that they price them up more than is truly necessary.
    Have you tried Fashion Bug? I know that they are online for you, but sometimes they have deals where you don't have to pay shipping and they have been having some good sales of like 40% off on a lot of things. Just make sure that you measure yourself and follow their sizing chart because their sizes can be real strange. Don't spend too much, remember you are reducing and soon they won't fit Yay!!! I have been wearing my baggy clothes around all the new jammie pants don't want to stay up! I found some smaller sizes in my closet, thank goodness, but they are old!! Candi told me to hurry and lose some more and she will share her stuff ha...I think I have a ways to go for that =)

  4. I agree, Phoena. I think it's a shame that they think they need to stock such small sizes. Wal-Mart, who is particularly guilty, should be ashamed of themselves. I mean, they're the "every-man" store, right, they're supposed to be there for all of us and have clothes that fit normal people. There're enough Gap and Abercrombie-type stores around, Wal-Mart shouldn't engage in this type of behavior.

    And yes, I actually woke up this morning thinking that I should have included the information that though the pants were marked $12, I paid $14 because mine are plus-size. I know that it costs slightly more to make plus-size clothes, but it's crazy to pay so much more for bigger clothes.

    Oh, I will say that our Wal-Mart does carry other types of plus-size clothes. Most of them stop at size 22/24, but they do carry them. I just recently got three pairs of really nice jeans at Wal-Mart and they were only like $18 (two pairs of Ryders by Lee and one pair of Just My Size jeans--believe it or not, I actually like the JMS jeans better than the Lee jeans!). Anyway, it still sucks that there're so few choices for activewear for bigger people.

  5. I hadn't actually considered looking at Fashion Bug. I so hate to wait for anything, so waiting for clothes that may (or may not) fit to come in the mail is my least favorite thing. LOL.

    I did actually find a pair, and they had two other colors, of work out pants--I'll probably go back and get another pair or two because they're really comfy and they're drawstring, so they'll fit(ish) for a long time. So that was okay, but I did, like Phoena was saying, pay more for them. Instead of $12, I paid $14. It's crazy to charge so much more, so I agree with you that they don't need to raise the price that much.

    That said, I've not lost a single pound in two weeks.I'm starting to get pretty disgruntled. So, it may be a while before I lose enough for my clothes not to fit. I do have a lot of clothes in my closet now that don't fit me, though... something I'm not complaining about, as I'm happy they're too BIG!! I think I've actually hit a plateau, which sucks and I'm not sure how to handle it. I think I need to do a few things, like: drink more water, eat more veggies and less fruits, get more exercise, and spend less points on snacks. So, I have a plan, but it's hard to keep motivated when I'm not seeing results. The best thing, though, is that I generally feel better when I eat well, so that's a plus!