Monday, March 19, 2012

{Sleepy Ramblings}

It's a little after midnight here. We're having a severe thunderstorm and it's pouring down rain. It has been all evening, really, and Anakin is hiding behind my chair for safety, as though the noise will somehow not reach him there. He's a coward, he always has been, but I feel bad for the little guy. Thinking I should give him his thunderstorm anti-anxiety meds and now that I think about it, I probably should have hours ago. Clearly, I'm a horrible mother. Thankfully he's the only one of my "babies" who has this particular problem, Galileo and Chewbi could care less about the rain. Chewbi didn't even blink when the lightening struck so close our whole house shook. Maybe it's because he's a puppy and puppies are fearless, but I seem to remember Anakin being afraid as a puppy too. Oh well, it's not important.

Today was the first day back from spring break and mine wasn't wonderful. Since my computer crashed in the middle of the break, and my student's papers were submitted electronically, I didn't get any grading done during my week off. Now, I'm drowning in it. I did get my new computer last Friday, so I could have spent the weekend working on it, except I didn't have their folders either. The stars just weren't in alignment, or something, for me last week. Instead, I spent the last day of my spring break making PowerPoint slides my students could careless about. That's not me being pessimistic, I did a lecture over the slides today--which told them how to do their assignment step-by-step, with examples--and they looked like they might take a nap. I bored them, but had I not, they'd not have done it right and since this assignment is part of a larger assignment worth 30% of their overall grade, they might have paid more attention.

I was in such a bad mood, in fact, that I got a little snippy with my second class. I suppose if they'd done the five minute assignment I gave them a week to finish I would have been in better spirits. Sadly, only 2 of my 25 students bothered. There're other things, but I'm not in the mood to complain about them and something tells me that to do so would get me into trouble anyway, so I'm going to pass. Maybe another locked post is in order? Maybe not, we'll see how I feel once I've slept on it, because honestly, part of my problem is that I didn't get any sleep.

Spring break really messed me up. Spring forward really didn't help, either. Between the two--during which like an idiot I stayed up until 2am, 3am, 4am--I wasn't able to go to bed at 11pm last night, when I really needed to. Still, I might have had some hope of actually sleeping at some point had Anakin not miraculously decided that not only does he now like Chewbi, but he wants him to be his play-thing. There's something about a dog humping a smaller, less capable of escaping dog, that isn't conducive to sleeping. I just kept thinking, "what if I go to sleep and Ani hurts him?!" So every time I drifted off, my goddamn brain decided it would be awesome to wake me up. When I tried to separate them into different rooms, they cried and howled and barked, at intervals, until I gave up and went to sleep on the sofa where I might have gotten two hours... maybe.

So right now, I'm running on two hours of sleep in the last 48. I'm tired. I had planned to get some grading done, work on Chapter Three corrections, and start Chapter Four tonight, all after working from 8:30am to 4pm, but I didn't get most of that done. I worked, of course, but the thesis stuff didn't get done. I graded some papers, more to come tomorrow, but not much else. Have I mentioned how much I hate to grade? It just feels like punishment. Yeah, well, if not there it is. I hate it. It's a necessary evil, I know, but that doesn't make me feel any better about it. After what I got done tonight, I still have about 40 more to go. Awesome. I plan to ten tomorrow, on my day off, and work on the thesis stuff that I didn't get done tonight.

So now that I've griped and listened to the thunder and the rain, I'm going to bed. I'm tired and thanks to the weather Anakin isn't in any mood to be making Chewbi his girlfriend. In fact, I'm not going to proof this. Typos are just going to have to give this post character because sleep sounds like bliss right now. So, goodnight.