Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Gothic in Motion

For the last year, and then some, my life has revolved around the Gothic. Writing my thesis about the late eighteenth-century and postmodern Gothic, I've grown to appreciate manifestations of the Gothic in culture. I'm not talking about horror, as that's not the same thing as the Gothic. Rather, I'm talking about the parts of modern culture that really seem to grasp the feel of the Gothic.

Recently, I started playing a Worgen in World of Warcraft. For those who don't play, a Worgen is basically a werewolf-archtype character. It's the closest thing you find in WoW to what we understand a werewolf to be, anyway. So, I'm playing a Worgen and they start in a town called Gilneas. Gilneas is a Gothic setting, in game, and I absolutely love it. The buildings are so true to the feeling of the Gothic, the landscapes are dreary and dark, the cathedrals are, well, they're perfect.

Check this out. How perfect is that? The whole region is just like this, perfectly gloomy! Right behind my character, where she's standing, there're cages hanging from the street lights. I took a screenie, but they didn't come out at a good angle, so I didn't bother to format them.

I particularly love this shot of the woods, with the little bridge and the buildings in the background. Something I must say is that I really, really love the bridges in WoW. In general, I love them. It's World of Bridgecraft, I notice every single one and take screen shots of most of them.

I really love the rich colors and stained glass in the churches. It's so pretty and feels so Gothic. This place, Gilneas, is by far my favorite place in the game. And yes, I play the game to take time out for myself, but I don't play very often--too much else to do. If you've been following my total breakdown rants and brain-spills about my thesis you're probably well aware that my thesis is taking over my life.

Ironic, but this post is just one more example of how that's happening. The Gothic is in my blood, it's a part of me, and I notice it everywhere. I just love that everywhere I look, I see some element of the Gothic, even in electronic environments like World of Warcraft.