Monday, March 12, 2012

The Vampire Diaries

This weekend, I gave myself permission, once the first draft of Chapter Three was done and off to my committee chair, Dr. Y, to do something for me. I used my me time to watch The Vampire Diaries, Season One, on Netflix. It's been on our queue forever, but I've never taken the time to sit down and watch it, largely because each episode is 45 minutes long (no commercials) and there are 23 episodes in the first season. That's 1035 minutes, or 17.25 hours of TV time. I simply couldn't swing that.

But, I really wanted to watch it, so I started on Saturday night when Matt went to work and have been watching episodes all day today and all evening. I've finally gotten to the bottom of season one and I can hardly wait to see the next season--which I think is also on Netflix. Most of all, I can hardly believe I waited this long to watch it!! I love vampire shows, love them.

The characters are really well developed, have complete back-stories, and as the season progresses they fill out. Best of all, there's a somewhat love-triangle going on between the three main characters, and I love a good love triangle. Elena, the main female character, is strong-willed and independent; Stefan, her vampire boyfriend, is a beautiful soul, and though he has some demons, he's a really strong character; Damon, Stefan's vampire older brother, is devilishly delicious and a truly Byronic-type villain/hero character.

The setting, Mystic Falls, VA, is also really cool. I like that it has small town charm and that everyone knows one another. I love the conspiracies going on in the city, where everyone seems to know everyone else's business, even when some of them are vampires. There are moments when I wish that I could visit some of the locales in the show, like Mystic Grill, and the falls the town is named after.

There are some moments that smack of Twilight, like the way Elena puts the clues together to figure out Stefan's a vampire, and the love triangle (though both men are vampires), and finally the fact that Stefan only eats animals.  What I like about The Vampire Diaries is that it does all of those things better than Twilight ever could have. Stefan, for example, is rendered weak because he only eats animals. He isn't as strong as the other vampires around him, including his villain-brother, Damon.  Twilight's Edward, and his brood, also eat only animals, but they're just as powerful as the other vamps around, which makes zero sense--characters have to have weaknesses, after all.

What I didn't know before watching this is that there are also books, though I'm unclear whether the books came first, or if they came after the series. Something to look into, particularly because I'm a big reader. If you know, enlighten me. For now, I'm going to go see if season two is also on Netflix so I can keep getting my fix. :)