Friday, April 27, 2012

I'm a Featured Graduate Student!!

Several months ago the dean of the College of Graduate Studies asked me to write a short statement about my Tarleton experience. I did so, the school photographer took some pictures, and yesterday I received a notification email that the Graduate Studies website had been updated. When I went to check it out, I found this:

I'm not the first entry, but there I am! I was told, initially, that the photographer would email me the pictures he took so I could chose one. I never did get that email, so I guess they chose the ones that appear on the site. I'm just so amazingly flattered to appear on the site that I don't much care that I didn't have the chance to chose the pictures. I really do just feel immensely honored!

Here's what you see when you click through to my testimony:

As usual, please click the images to see them larger--please do, they look better bigger. I really like the second picture better than the first--I look so pale and my arms look huge, by my shoes (which Chewbi has since chewed up) look fantastic and so does that outfit! So, it all balances out. ^.^

If you want to see me on the site, I'm at Tarleton's Graduate Website. Just click the arrows until you find me.

Quick update:  I just clicked around on the graduate website and my picture and short statement also appear around the site randomly. So, when you click many of the pages (only on the graduate site), you have a random chance of seeing me! How amazingly awesome is that?!