Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Springtime in Texas

It's a really pretty day here, somewhere in the mid-70s, and I need a bit of perking up, so I thought I'd share some of the pictures I've taken around town (mostly around my house) of the blooming flowers and signs of spring. Texas has really fickle weather, but you know spring is here when you start to see blooming wildflowers, and even though some of them are weeds, they're pretty when they bloom...

The tulips, planed by the Education building on campus at Tarleton, were absolutely gorgeous. It's been a while, I'm not even sure they're still there, but they were pretty while they lasted! The white flowers were growing in my front yard, so I snapped a picture [IMAGE REMOVED].

The gorgeous pink flowers on the left were growing on a tree between our house and our neighbors house [IMAGE REMOVED]. I couldn't resist snapping a picture. The pink and purple flowers, on the right, which I've been informed are thistles and therefore weeds, are growing around my friend's house.Weeds or not, they're beautiful!

I have no idea what the little blue flowers were, but they were growing around my house so I snapped a shot of them [IMAGE REMOVED]. They were really pretty, right up until maintenance came along with their lawn mowers. The frog may not be blooming, but he was on the doorstep when we came home the other day. When we stepped up onto the stairs, he hopped away, but I was able to get this shot of him by the side of the house!

You know, sharing these has made me feel a bit perked up! I'm glad I did--though I wish I had a few shots of the bluebonnets that're blooming everywhere. I hope you have a lovely week and a happy Easter weekend!