Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Post-Graduate School Indulgence

I think that I may have mentioned this before, but now that graduate school is winding down, it's beginning to be time to move on to something new. Usually, that means getting a job, but Matt has talked me into something I'm feeling both a lot of excitement and trepidation about. That is, he's talked me into working on my novel full time and, honestly, I'm not sure how I feel about it. A good portion of my self-worth, these days, is tied up in making an income and contributing to our well-being, so not having an income for a while, while I finish my book, just seems so indulgent. Matt takes exception to me saying I won't have a job, so I've resorted to saying I won't have income, instead; he can't argue with that!

Still, I agreed to take the time and take it seriously, so I'll be working on my Love's Daughter (working title) novel every day, just like a regular job.  And, believe it or not, I've already got some planning done on a book to follow that includes the same characters, but a different point of view character, and I think the third book will also include the same cast with yet another point of view character! So, all in all, I think this could work out. I've done some planning to finish my LD novel up, and still have a bit more to do; I got some of it done while I was visiting family--though I probably should have been working on my thesis chapter 5.

So, soon I'll be a full-time novelist, which just sounds strange to me. I always assumed I'd graduate and go get a paying, outside-the-home job. Still, I'm trying really hard not to let this opportunity slip by and to not take it for granted. If it fails I've lost what, six or so months?  If it doesn't work out, I can always go get a regular ol' job. So, soon the "Radcliffe's Daughters" counter on the sidebar will switch back to the Love's Daughter counter and I'll be off. . . wish me luck!

PS. The concept cover was designed by me, but is intended to be just that, a concept and not taken seriously. I just like to have a visual as I work, it helps me to stay a little extra motivated. Besides, I think it's pretty! :P