Thursday, May 31, 2012

{ A Rainbow Colored Foods Rant }

Permit me a short rant. . .though I'll probably go ahead and have one, even without your permission. And yes, this may seem silly, but for some reason it made me inexplicably angry the other day and now I can't stop thinking about how annoying it is. Which is stupid because, up until then, I had always thought it was cute.

So what is it, you ask?

Rainbow colored foods. Yes, that's what's got me all worked up. I told you it was stupid. So stupid that I can't believe that I'm wasting brain power on being angry about it at a time when I should be (notice that says "should be" rather than "am") expending my energy to finishing my thesis. Like I said, I've always thought rainbow dyed foods were adorable, I've been wanting to bake a rainbow layer cake, and then it happened. I was browsing Pintrest when I came across these photos...


As is typical of Pintrest, I have no idea where they're from. They're cute, right?! Even I think they're cute, but when I saw them I was just overcome by this completely irrational desire to rid the earth of rainbow colored foods. A desire that has stuck with me for days, hence this post. I mean, seriously, what kind of thing is this to get upset about?! But here I am, fighting annoyance at the very thought that somewhere, someone is dropping food coloring into perfectly innocent batter.

And this from the woman who follows on Facebook because I love all the rainbow foods they post. Rainbow shots, rainbow pudding, rainbow cupcakes, rainbow layer cakes, rainbow cookies, rainbow sandwiches, yeah... rainbow everything edible. I think I'm actually going to have to unfriend them, too, because my anxiety at seeing rainbow colored foods is ridiculous but unsettling.

I just hope this fad ends soon because I don't know if I can cope anymore--the only rainbow I want to be tasting comes in a hard candy shell. I think the problem is that it's everywhere now. Everyone's trying it and posting their pictures, some are good--like those pancakes--while others look like a disaster. I just want food to go back to being the color of food again. You know, white and yellow cakes that are, oh I don't know, white and yellow. Pancakes that are that beautiful golden color. Yeah, foods that are the color they should be!

Okay, I've had my rant. Time to go work on my thesis some more. Only a few more pages and I'm done with this sucker. . .just as long as I can stop obsessing about stupid crap like rainbow colored foods.

/end rant.