Saturday, May 26, 2012

Vacation & Thesis, et al.

Well, now that I'm back in the swing of things it doesn't seem so difficult to go back to blogging. I swear, avoid this thing long enough and the only thing I want to do is avoid it more, which makes no sense because I love blogging! Eh, it's not just me, I'm not the only one who has experienced this phenomenon, right?  Anyway, I figure I'll post a bit more about my trip to California for those who're interested.

So let's see... the train got into Palm Springs in the middle of the night, so my poor parents were forced to come pick me up at all hours. I really appreciate them for doing it, too, because the Palm Springs train station is in the middle of nowhere, in a sand dune or something. It was terribly windy and tons of powdery white sand was blowing everywhere. It was crazy. We stayed at the WordMark resort in Indio Thursday & Friday night, which is about a half an hour from Palm Springs.  Really nice resort, there in Indio, and it was hot! Like above 100 degrees in May, hot, but many of the pools were closed, so no swimming there.

The rest of the week we were at my folks place and pretty much just relaxed. I got to go to Carriage House, a really cool antique shop, with Candi and we went to the Norton Simon museum in Los Angeles where they're doing a Japanese cherry blossom woodblock print exhibit that was absolutely awesome. So awesome, in fact, that I bought a set of 15 paper clips shaped like cherry blossoms, which are various shades of pink, for $7.50!  That's crazy  expensive for what they are, but I loved them and couldn't pass them up.  Otherwise, my trip was quiet and restful, and I got to see Jodi & Shannon, which was really nice. I even got to see Clinton again, for the first time in like 13 years, and got to meet Jodi's kids, which was nice.

I did get some of my thesis corrections done while I was there, which is a good thing because it means less pressure now that I'm home and still have to finish writing chapter 5. Well, start writing it really, from the notes I've been taking. Anyway, I got my chapter 4 corrections back and Dr. Young said that that chapter is literally my best discussion so far. That's high praise, at least I think so, so I'm feeling very good about myself. Now if I could just stop sabotaging myself regarding chapter 5, everything will be fine. All in all, I have to have a complete draft by the beginning of June, so I'm running out of time.

Since I've been home I've done pretty much nothing. I've spent a lot of time hanging out with Matt, thought about cleaning my house, and went to hang out with Melanie. That's it, in the last four or five days... except that I did manage to get a blog post done yesterday! Ooh, one more thing, we got some good news about Matt's job. He transitioned this week from temp to permanent with his job and his pay-rate went up $2.00 an hour! Of course, last night he about cut off his finger, on his first night as a permanent employee. He's okay though, so that's good, but he says it looks bad. I'm just not going to look at it. Either way, I hope he'll figure out what his schedule will look like as we go forward, depending upon whether he bids for a different position, because I'd really like to go to Ft. Hood for July 4th. Phoena invited us to go and Kelly Clarkson is the headline act!

Oh shit, Matt just asked me to help clean his thumb, so much for not looking! Time to go be grossed out! Hope I don't pass out. Bleh!

...okay, it looks horrible!! When we took the bandage off to clean it it started to bleed again. It looks like he cut the very tip of his thumb clean off. He's taken a lot of Advil, which can make bleeding worse. So, I'm going to try to do something for it, maybe get some Tylenol and NewSkin. Hopefully that'll help, I don't know. (-.-)