Monday, June 4, 2012

Date Night & Snow White and the Huntsman

Our date was okay. Matt wasn't as into it as I had hoped he would be, but he was in some pain because he had worked the night before, so, I suppose I can forgive him. We saw Snow White and the Huntsman, which I liked okay. I don't think Matt much liked it, but then he slept through half the movie, so some of the things he had an issue with were things he had failed to see being set up at one point or another. Since I'm the kind of person  that gets upset when he falls asleep in a movie, I didn't enjoy it as much as I could have. So all in all, dinner was the nicest part of our date.

The movie was pretty good, if you like fairy tales. I like the idea that they're doing modern re-tellings of traditional fairy tales, so this is right up my alley.  A reviewer on Slate said the movie didn't have much to offer from the original, which I don't at all agree with. It had all the traditional fairy tale elements--wicked stepmother, princess in distress, dwarves, apples, the kiss to bring her out of her coma--but it also had a lot of interesting twists on that story that I thought made it much more modern. Things like a magical connection between the queen, Rivena, and Snow White, and Snow White's donning battle gear to go take her kingdom back by force. I liked those things particularly because she comes across as a stronger woman than she might otherwise have been.

Some things Matt and I both had an issue with include Kristen Stewart, Kristen Stewart, and Kristen Stewart.  Yeah, she really made suspension of disbelief difficult. There were a few moments when she was believable, but there were a lot of others when you just feel like Bella's escaped to some kind of medieval alternate reality. The real problem is Kristen Stewart's acting, she only has a few stock facial expressions, all of which Matt is really annoyed by. Particularly that lip quivering, distressed-ish face she does. Strangely, he's willing to admit that he'll watch any movie she's in, even though he thinks she's a terrible actress because, well, he finds her attractive. Ugh, men!

Overall, I liked it better than Red Riding Hood and think I'll probably buy it when it comes out on Blu-Ray. Matt says he'll watch it again and save his final criticisms for when he's seen the whole thing. At least he's not trying to pretend he didn't fall asleep like he sometimes does. Yeah, it really annoys me when he goes to sleep and it made our date kind of disappointing. Maybe next time we have a date we'll do something he wants to do, or see something he wants to see, so he'll be more interested.

We had had dinner late afternoon, so when the movie was over we went out to have frozen yogurt, which was a nice end to our night. We also got a few movies from Wal-Mart and then came home and spent some time gaming.  Seems like Matt's not really interested in going out or doing anything but working and gaming, which I enjoy but wish he was more interested in spending time with me doing other things, too.

Anyway, I have some other things I'm really excited to talk about, but I'll write about them later, or tomorrow. For now I'm off, I hope you've had a nice weekend.