Monday, June 4, 2012

Thesis. . .

Done ...almost.

Look over there, on the sidebar. See it? No? Maybe a better hint is in order. See the meter that says "Radcliffe's Daughters--Thesis"?  See how it's at 100% complete. Yeah, I finished the first draft of my thesis. All five chapters are done, compiled into one draft, and sent off to my committee chair!

I. am. so. thrilled.

Of course, it's a first completed draft which means I still have corrections to do. I have to do corrections from two of my committee members for chapter 4, from all three of my committee members for chapter 5, and then overall corrections to the whole draft from my committee and from the graduate college, but it's all written. With the 1.5" margins on the left-hand side, and each chapter starting on a new page, the document is 110 pages. The number of pages will either shrink--if page breaks aren't necessary, for example--or it will grow--if I write more pages or do further space-related editing. Either way, that's a heck of a lot of pages and I'm pretty darn proud of myself, I must say.

Now, other than corrections, all I'll have to do is defend it. Very scary, that, but I think I'll make it through... I hope. That's coming up over the next three weeks some time, wish me luck!

Looks like I'll definitely be graduating in August. Go me!!