Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Writing Progress & a (Short) Excerpt

I'm just going to put this out there, because I'm really excited. The motivation to work on my novel's back now that my thesis, and grad school with it, is finished. I've been reading, enjoying the beginning of the summer, and relaxing. That little bit of rest and relaxation, now that I'm graduate school stress-free, has renewed my enthusiasm for writing.

So, of course, I'm working on Love's Daughter (working title) and today, for the first time, I've made some progress. And yes, I've been working on this novel on and off (mostly off) for several years. Don't judge, I've been busy. So, to celebrate that progress and the fact that I'm back in the spirit of this thing and finally have the time to actually write, I put up the tracker widget on the sidebar.

For the heck of it, here's a snippet of what I've written so far. And do try to remember, the genre is *whispers conspiratorially* contemporary romance. If you'd like to read the synopsis really quickly, click here (it's the second entry, of course, and needs some updating).

Okay, *breathe* here goes...
Holly cringed and gave me the look of pity friends are never supposed to give. Nick Foster is, to this day, the most beautiful man I've dated. I shook my head like it didn't matter, but the fact was it still hurt a little. They all still hurt a little, even the really amusing ones like my break-up with Greg Mills, a polite financier with a charming old Victorian in Noe Valley, who, for the life of him could not seem to stay awake in my presence. He swore up and down that he wasn't normally like this, that he was on the whole very engaging. All I could think was that it was either me or he was a liar, but either way we had broken up and he had gone on to marry a model last year, a woman apparently worth staying awake for. At least Nick Foster wasn't married, yet.

With that, I'm off. It's already 1:35 a.m. and I should be in bed so I can be awake tomorrow to wait for the delivery of my graduation/birthday gift. I can't wait to share with you what it is. I'm so excited!

Good night!