Thursday, September 6, 2012

Back to School...

...but not where, and for what, that you might guess. I've been thinking about how I want to use my education and there is one thing I know for certain, teaching is out. So, the idea of going on to get a Ph.D in English, knowing that there's not much more than teaching that can be done with that, was just not feasible. I can't see myself changing my mind about teaching, so I started looking for something else. That's when I noticed that business is a really popular landing place for many English majors, yet most jobs in business want you to have a business degree.

So, I started looking into it and decided that I'd go back to school for just that, a business degree. Tarleton offers a MBA, which I could work toward, but their MS in Human Resource Management is just much more ideal for me. Human Resources is a very big field, there are lots of opportunities in HR, and I feel like adding an HR degree to my English degree is a big step forward.

The program is only 30 hours, of which I already have six since they're electives and I have my credits from English. So, I just need 24 hours, which is eight classes. It won't take long for me to finish since there's not thesis to be written, only about three semesters. No time at all! So, I start in January. Right now, I'm just waiting for my financial aid to come through, which shouldn't be a problem. Registration is November 5th and when it comes closer I'll sit down with their course rotation list and decide what to take.

I'm actually looking forward to it. Business will be a new challenge for me, it's not like anything I've ever done before, and I'll be back to school. I can't wait to get started. Matt's also going to apply, but he's not taken the GRE so we're waiting to see what he'll need to do to be accepted. It might be something we can do together, which would be really neat. And, to add one more bonus, I have a friend who is also considering doing the program for a reason similar to mine. I'm so looking forward to the next step!