Friday, September 7, 2012

Captain Morgan

Have you seen these clips? They're commercials for Captain Morgan's Black and though I'm not much of a rum drinker, I love them. They make me want to buy the rum, which Matt would probably drink, just to support them so they keep making the awesome commercials. I've looked into it and the actor who plays the captain is Joshua Burrow, with whom I am now quite enamored, but only as long as he's Captain Morgan.

I'm not really sure what order the story goes in, or if there's a specific order, and I couldn't find anything about it. So, here they are in no particular order...

I've read online that this last video, "Glass," is the last video in the series. Too bad, too. I love these commercials (maybe a little too much). I liked them on Facebook and I think I may have watched the videos a half a dozen times each tonight. Yes, it's an obsession... but not an unhealthy one, right? Right?! ~.^