Monday, September 24, 2012

Fall Back Into Blogging: Images of Fall

There's a lot going on here today, but I'm so glad to be able to share today's prompt with you (before I go spend an uncountable number of hours playing WoW's new expac, Mists of Pandaria!). Here it is, straight from the SITS Girls Fall Back Into Blogging event...


Show us a picture of what fall looks like in your neck of the woods. Or show us a picture that means “fall” to you.
Okay, this one's pretty tricky because fall doesn't look particularly, well, fall-like here. It just looks like late summer Texas, in drought weather, at that! But, I managed to find something to write about instead. This will probably make more sense after tomorrow's post, but I bought new decorations for my house and a few fall-ish things at Wal-Mart today. I thought I'd share them with you, rather than a picture of fall outside.

Here they are...

The first image is of the pretty, sparkly berries on the new wreath I got for my front door. Unfortunately, it won't fit between the door and the storm door, so it's hanging inside the house, instead.

The next one was the hardest to take a picture of, mostly because it's hard to see what it is. The picture doesn't do it much justice, either. It's a cute little purple jack-o-lantern tea light holder. I got two of them and I absolutely love them!

The third picture is fingerless gloves. I participate, frequently, in NaNoWriMo and in the winter my hands get really, really cold typing. I've been looking for these forever. When I saw them at Wal-Mart today, I knew I had to have them!

The last picture is one of two Halloween coloring books I got today. The funny part of this is that I don't have kids. I just enjoy coloring!

Each of the pictures were taken with my iPhone 3GS (can't upgrade to iPhone 5 until May *boo*) and adjusted with Oh, and I slightly photoshopped them because my phone takes not-so great-photos!

Happy fall, y'all!!