Sunday, October 14, 2012

Exciting Things Afoot...

There're some really exciting things going on here of late, things I want to share, both so I remember them and so friends and family can share our excitement. Even though I'm not getting out much lately, good things are happening for us.

First, of course, is that it's almost the end of the year and that means the holidays. It also means NaNoWriMo! See the badge, over there, yeah I'm doing NaNoWriMo again after an almost two year hiatus. I did try to do it in 2010, but failed early. In 2011, when I was writing my thesis and teaching 50 students, I just couldn't fathom it. So, I didn't bother to try. This year, Matt and I are going to do NaNoWriMo together and we're both quite thrilled to give it a go. He's got a great idea, I've got one (don't think I'd call it great), so we're off to a good start already.

Next is college. I wrote, previously, that I'm going back to school in January. In short, I'm going to pursue a business degree in Human Resource Management to add to my English degree. The hope is that I'll make myself more marketable to future employers. I'm excited about the coming challenge as I try to work my way through something I've never, ever done before, business. But, I won't be doing it alone. We learned this week that Matt will also be going back to school. He was accepted into the Grad College a few weeks ago, and accepted into the Human Resource Management program this week. We're going back to school together! I'm so thrilled.

Finally, Matt's been working his behind off and it has been paying. He's gotten several promotions in the last few months, as he works his way up the ladder, to a quite good position with his employer. I'm so proud of him. He also plans to continue working full time as he goes back to college, because the program is 100% online. He's an amazing man--who just had a birthday, might I add!

So there it is, that's my update for now. I hope everyone's having a really good day/week/month!