Thursday, October 4, 2012

Unattractive, My Ass!!

You know what I find really annoying? Okay, that's a trick question, I find a lot of things really annoying.

Okay, so you know when you're watching a movie and they try to pass someone really hot off as a total train-wreck? Like anyone really believes that Jennifer Aniston is the undesirable girl? Yeah, right! No matter what they do, she's still Jennifer-freaking-Aniston. She's not going to be dressed down far enough to pass as plain or un-sexy. As a matter of fact, I just found out that has a whole entry about this they call Hollywood Homely.  Total killer to my suspension of disbelief... It's Jennifer Aniston (and women like her)!

Anyway, so, just like that doesn't work in the movies, it doesn't really work in real life, either. When women who are good looking, and very obviously self-aware enough to know they're very obviously good looking, try to make other people believe they believe they're unattractive, it sort of ticks me off. There's enough trouble with self-esteem in the world without good looking fashion bloggers trying to pull the Hollywood Homely act. And what's more, if their tagline says they're unattractive, when they're clearly not and everyone knows as much because their picture is all over their freaking blog, it wreaks of trying to ride the low-self-esteem train to sympathy/readership town. People won't like you more if you think you're ugly when you're not. And women, in particular, won't like your disingenuous attempt to play down your understanding that, well, you're not unattractive as you claim!

Just saying.