Sunday, October 21, 2012

Wine & Music

I think I may have mentioned this before, but one of our professors is in a band. They've just released a new CD and were having a release party today out at a local vineyard, Bluff Dale Vineyards, so Matt and I trekked out there to enjoy a bit of the late summer/early fall weather. Its a nice drive and is only about 15 miles out from where we live. Though we weren't out there long, because we had only had a few hours of sleep each and because Matt had to work tonight, the time we were was so lovely. We had never been out there before, but now that we've been, I don't think it will be the last time. The winery is lovely and I got a bottle of wine that is, hands down, the best wine I have ever had. Seriously. And, we had the opportunity to hear The Accidental Band's new music and get their new CD, The Bull Rider's Trilogy.

The drive there--and that picture was actually taken on the way home, when Matt was driving--was so beautiful, except that the road is really narrow and a bit winding. Once we were there, though, the winery was lovely and the breeze on the outdoor patio made the warm day really bearable. The music was, as always, really good and after I took that picture of the band I realized that I cut someone out of the picture. They were spaced too far apart for my iPhone camera to get them all. I felt pretty bad about that, Nancy Easterling is such a lovely woman and I just barely managed to capture the tip-top of her bass guitar.

During their break, while Matt was getting a CD, I went inside and got myself a bottle of wine, which I must say is amazing. When I came out, I got these pictures of the vineyard itself. Since I've only been to a vineyard, or two, once in my life before this, I was really taken by how beautiful the countryside is out there. The only other vineyards I've been to are in California's Napa Valley and not since I was, like, ten years old.

All of this, hiding only fifteen minutes from where I live. How could this really be our first trip out there? We've lived here more than eight years, for goodness sake! And I have to tell you, I really, really needed this little afternoon trip. Since I'm not working right now, I'm feeling really shut in and it's messing with my agoraphobia, big time. So much so that I had planned to go out to Bluff Dale alone, had Matt not been able to wake up in time, but the closer it got to having to actually go alone, the more anxiety I felt. And you know, that's really crazy because it's a) close to home, and b) I wasn't exactly going to be among strangers. At least, not all strangers. So, taking a little trip, with Matt, was a breath of fresh air. It didn't exactly wipe the agoraphobic slate clean, but it was a step closer to being able to go out alone again.

Okay, the wine. I've said several times that I got a bottle of wine. It's called Bluff Dale Vineyards - Sweet Caramella and it is stellar. It's to die for. It's the best white wine I've ever had. It's sweet and aromatic, and just lovely. It's exactly what I want in a white wine and it wasn't at all expensive. I see myself driving the fifteen minutes out to Bluff Dale Winery to get another bottle, or two, or heck, a case or two!

And on my goodness, I just read on their websites that it's for sale at many HEB stores. I may not have to drive all the way out there to get a bottle after all. That makes Kristyn a very happy girl! Oh, and the crazy yellowish lighting in those last two pics, of the wine, are mostly my iPhone 3GS camera and the fact that they were taken inside my house tonight. The lighting inside never comes out looking quite right. Some of the color, though, is true to the wine. It's a really beautiful golden color. I've just loved everything about it. I literally had to make myself stop after two glasses, otherwise, I might have drank the whole bottle and Matt wouldn't get any at all--ah well, he's more partial to red wines anyway. (~.^)

So, in short, we had a lovely afternoon even though it was brief. That said, Matt and I are both quite tired for a lack of sleep and the poor guy is actually working. He worked 12 hours, got 3 hours of sleep, and is now working 12 more hours. He's a trooper. So for now, good night!