Friday, November 16, 2012


They're here! I found out this evening my thesis has been in since Tuesday and, for whatever reason, I didn't get the email that announced their arrival. But, they're here and I have them today thanks to my awesome bestie Melanie, who came out to the house at 7:25 tonight to take me to the library and get them, even though the library closed at 8:00 p.m. and stopped serving the circulation desk at 7:45 p.m.! We barely made it, but then it was like 7:00 p.m. before I even learned they were there, just waiting for me. She's awesome. Thanks again, Melanie!!

She even helped me carry them. My cut of the 13 printed copies is 11 copies, one of which has an original signature page. Took me a minute to figure out which one it was, since the original is in black and so are the copies. But, we put our heads together and figured it out. (~.^) So yeah, it was quite a bit to carry, but we managed.

So you may remember this...

This was way back in June & July, when I was preparing for my defense and printing my bindery-ready copies. I thought I'd never be happier than that day, when I finally turned all of this in--though driving home I nearly had a panic attack thinking they'd find something wrong with all of those copies in the envelopes. I'm so paranoid. Either way, I was one happy woman when I got that thing off my plate and into the grad office.

But I was wrong. I can be happier. And it came right on the heels of being so bummed. Melanie and I were chatting online this evening when I mentioned them coming in. You see, Melanie turned her bindery-ready copies into the grad office today--yay, Melanie! She mentioned that one of my co-students, Marsha, had hers and had since early in the week. Wait, back that truck up... what? So I got in contact with Marsha and she said mine were there too. I'd somehow managed to miss the letter (since it didn't come to me, GRRR!!). That's when Melanie came to pick me up and completely made my day. . . no, month. . . no, year, really! Check it out. . .

Woo hoo!! I am so, so happy right now, it's unbelievable, and though I know these sorts of roller coaster ups and downs aren't really great for my emotional state on the whole, I feel like I should hang on to whatever can bring me happiness. And, honestly, I feel like I have earned the right to be crazy happy about this. So, I am. . . crazy happy, that is!

Currently, I have a copy going to my folks and my in-laws, I gave one to Melanie, and I have one for each of my committee members--Dr. Young, Dr. Chappell, and Dr. Shipman. Going to try to get around to Tarleton this week to give them those. Then, I have a copy (with original signatures on bond) for myself. That leaves four extra copies, which I decided to go ahead and get at the time because they were only $12.50 per copy, as opposed to $55.00 per copy later. So yeah, it was a sound investment, just not sure what I'll do with the originals yet. We'll see.

Now to get a picture easel so I can display my copy! Vain, I know, but I'll be damned if I'm going to just stuff it away somewhere and never see it!  I'm, ya know, a wee bit proud of myself and all. (~.^)