Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Chewbi's First Birthday

In a moment of inspiration, I felt inspired to check out Chewbacca's registration papers to confirm his birthday. I knew it was this month, but I thought it was November 29th and I wanted to write about my baby boy turning one. You cannot imagine my surprise to learn that his birthday is not, in fact, the 29th but is actually the 6th. My little guy turned one on election day! So. . .

Happy First Birthday, Chewbi. We love you!!

Of course, the way I've been feeling lately caused me to get all misty-eyed at the prospect that my puppy, whom I loved and cuddled and raised, is one whole year old. I hugged him and cried for a minute, before I started to get self-conscious about crying on my puppy. Then I tried to catch a picture, which is almost impossible, he's never immobile long enough to get a good picture with my phone. So, I broke out the camera.

For comparison's sake, here's his puppy picture...

That face kills me. I fell in love with that face the moment I laid eyes on him, via the internet nonetheless. Thank goodness he was in Strahn, which isn't far from him at all--only about 45 minutes!

Now here's the one I took of him today...

His color is gold and though he's much more gold than he was when he was a baby, he never quite got all the way there. And I just noticed that this picture makes him look like he needs a haircut for all that muzzle fur in his eyes, but it's just the angle. He's not quite there yet. And look, I caught a picture of his bowl, which he eats from and then carries around everywhere with him. He even takes it into the bedroom sometimes and he chews on it mercilessly. I've considered getting him a metal bowl, but why ruin his fun? He loves that one (and the white one just like it) so much!

For his birthday, we got him a toy and a box of cupcakes. I know he shouldn't eat that, but he and Ani love that stuff and they don't get it frequently enough to hurt them. Besides, it's a celebration!