Monday, November 5, 2012

Go, Vote!!

Saw this on Facebook. Given my propensity toward all things Gothic, I love the feel of this poster. It's probably the most creative thing I've seen this campaign cycle--which I'm grateful is nearly over. This Thanksgiving, when I'm saying what I'm thankful for, that'll be one of them, along, hopefully, with the re-election of the president. And really, as glad as I'll be when it's over, because the level of divisiveness in this country during election years is frightening, I have never been more afraid of the potential outcome.

Yet whether you agree with this poster, or my political persuasion, or not, I hope you'll get out tomorrow and exercise your most significant constitutional right. I hope you'll vote and make sure your voice is heard. I think that it happens too often in this country that people feel marginalized by all the chatter about swing states and even more so by our fellow American's who think it's okay to tell people they should leave America if they don't share their political views. They're not the only voices, they're not the only ones that count, we all count, every single American counts whether we're liberals or conservatives. I plan to go out tomorrow and make my voice heard. You should too.