Thursday, December 20, 2012

A Clean Bill of Health

I went to the doctor yesterday. It's never my favorite thing to do, particularly less than a week before Christmas, but she said everything seems fine. A clean bill of health for Christmas is never a bad gift to one's self. Of course, my lab work hasn't come back, but I'm hoping for the best, which is much more optimistic than I normally am. Where my health is concerned, I try to remain optimistic because I really want to be healthy. It's a wishful thinking thing. Anyway, I had to go back this morning for fasting blood work. She took three vials, but I don't mind having blood drawn so it wasn't too bad.

I was able to get my Sprintec renewed for another year, also not a bad gift to myself. One more childfree year! As long as I can remember to take them, of course. I asked her about depo, but due to my issues with depression she didn't think it's a good idea. Also, it causes issues with bone density and weight gain. I don't actually need any of those problems, so for now I'm just going to try to remember to take my pills. Maybe I'll have to change the alarm on my phone again so that I stop ignoring it/switching it off and going about my business. I missed three pills last month and have missed two this month so far. I'm terrible about remembering, but fortunately I don't actually take them just for birth control, I take them for medical reasons which seem largely unaffected by missing the occasional pill here and there.

The most significant thing is that she put me back on the Fluoxetine. I actually asked her for the prescription because it was helping me before. I'm hoping it will help me again. I took one last night, but it occurred to me that I should maybe take them in the morning, so I took another one this morning to try to get on a morning schedule. I read they make some people drowsy, and I was thinking that I didn't have that problem, except that a few hours after taking it I fell asleep on the sofa. Of course, it was 10:30 p.m. and I'd been up all day, so I'm not sure. The power was also out in our whole neighborhood, due to a terrible wind storm, so it was exceptionally dark. Maybe it was all three things, taken together. I don't know.

Either way, it wasn't a bad appointment. I really like my doctor, she's a lovely, caring woman. I had the opportunity to run a whole list of issues I've been having by her, she listened carefully, asked me thoughtful questions, and gave me answers. I even told her about my stint with Atkins and how it affected me. She agreed it's not the diet for me, but told me I should try Weight Watchers again, so I might give that a shot sometime soon. I don't know that I'm motivated enough right now. She was pretty pleased with me, seems that I've lost about 15 lbs since I saw her last. Even a little weight loss is good. Oh, and when I told her Matt's had a lot of success with Atkins, she said she thinks men have a higher success rate with that diet. Go figure!