Saturday, December 22, 2012

An Early Christmas Lunch & Christmas Card Fail

I can't believe it's almost Christmas! I'm like a little kid, I love all the lights, the tree, and the pretty, colorfully wrapped gifts! I even enjoy some of the music and movies. I feel downright giddy that the day's nearly here, even if Matt and I do just plan to stay home and spend the day together. Heck, I even enjoy the New Years holiday because it makes me feel hopeful that the coming year will be a good one, even if I'm not optimistic enough to actually buy into it.

So we started our Christmas holiday today by going to Waco to have lunch and exchange gifts with my in laws. It's a relatively short drive, as holiday trek's go, only about 90 miles each way. Lunch was brisket, potato salad, coleslaw, fruit salad, and baked beans--and it was delicious! As to gifts, we got my father-in-law a bunch of war documentary DVDs, since he's very into that sort of thing, and my mother-in-law a reed diffuser with frankincense and myrrh oil. They got us an assortment of stuff, including wall calendars (an annual gift), a magnetic pad for the fridge with a K on it and a new hat for Matt. Since I hadn't seen my mother-in-law in like two years, it was a really nice day and good to see her again.

On the way home I got to thinking about Christmas cards, namely that I didn't send any this year. I just sort of never got around to it, but I was feeling okay about that because we hadn't received many. I got one from my grandmother in CA and my folks sent one with our Christmas gift, and my in-laws gave us one today, but otherwise we hadn't gotten any. Today, when I checked the mail on the way in there were two more in the box, one from my cousin Nora, and one from Matt's sister and brother-in-law, Cindy and Brian. It was that card, the one from his sister, that made me feel like a total loser for not sending cards this year.

You see, Cindy just had her first baby on November 30--making her baby 12 days old on 12/12/12! The Christmas card they sent had two pictures of their little girl, Audrey, on it. On the front, the three of them, on the back just Audrey. It's a birth announcement and Christmas card all in one, and it's precious! I had absolutely nothing to do, not working, not giving birth, and I didn't bother to send out Christmas cards--I bought them, I just never sent many of them--but my awesome sister-in-law had time to have a baby, have the cards printed, and send them in time for Christmas, all while coping with being a new mother and all of the challenges that entails. The girl is super woman, while I am the worlds biggest slacker!

I  feel slightly better only because I made not one, but two, virtual Christmas cards and will post them on my blog on Christmas. One's a family Christmas card, the other's a Winter Veil card (it's a WoW thing). My only issue is that I don't think it's as pretty as the last two years cards. But, I'm happy with it anyway, so it'll have to do. So, on Christmas day, Matt and I will just stay home and open gifts, and be together. He goes back to work on Wednesday (for an overtime day) and then works his normal shift on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, but will be off for New Year's Eve and New Years day! It should be wonderful!