Sunday, December 23, 2012

Skype, Skyped, Skyping

This is going to sound a wee bit crazy, and I'm a little bit embarrassed to admit this, but I just tried Skype this week and it is awesome!!!! Like, seriously awesome. I installed it on my MacBook--even though it's not in the apps store--and have been able to chat with my family several times. Being able to see one another is really neat. At the end of the first call, my mom said, "Why didn't we think of this sooner?!" Of course, I have no idea, except to say that neither of us have always had webcam. In fact, I still don't have webcam for my desktop.

My mom and sister, Candi, have been using it for a few months to keep in touch with my sister, Staci, who moved to NY--that's a whole post for another time, right there. So, when I saw it on the apps list for iPad, I had to download it. They don't have it for MacBook, so I downloaded it straight from the web, which Apple frowns on, but they can cope. Skype and Apple seriously need to work on making it happen, through the apps store, so I don't have to hunt it down elsewhere. Sheesh!

It's so easy to use, too! I can't believe how easy. I know they have a paid service, but I can't seem to figure out why anyone would need paid/premium service, unless they were making international calls. For us, the regular free service is more than enough. The picture is clear, mostly, and the sound quality is good. There're moments when, like anything else, it'll lag, but not many. So, once I had it downloaded, I gave them a holler and it was so cool to be able to see them.

Since we're all so far away from one another, it's nice to be able to see each other, especially during the holidays. Tonight, my sister and I even skyped while they were out seeing Christmas lights in Phelan and I got to see some of the displays. It wasn't the clearest picture, since they were moving, but it was really neat none the less. So, even though I'm a noob, and probably should have tried Skype like ten years ago, when it was first out, I've finally given it a shot and I'm impressed. It's awesome! Thinking we might Skype some on Christmas. It doesn't make up for not being able to be there, but it will be nice to see my family on the holiday, however we can get it. :)