Tuesday, December 11, 2012


{I'm feeling a bit manic and can't sleep, so this is the second post I've made tonight. You can find the first one below this or click here.}

I'm really not superstitious on any level. I'm one of those level-headed type people who don't believe the world's going to end on 12/21/12. Who tends to believe that your house is not haunted, crop circles & pyramids weren't built by aliens, and that Atlantis isn't sunk under Cuba or off the coast of the Isle of Rhodes. You know, those people... yeah, that's me. Maybe it's my pessimism, it doesn't allow me to believe anything too ridiculous. So, all this chatter about 12/12/12 has me rolling my eyes a bit--seriously, Google "12/12/12 superstitions," it's a bit absurd.

The only thing I find significant about this particular date is that, sadly, it's the last repeating date we'll see. So, rather than writing about something completely ridiculous and unrelated to my life or blog, I thought I'd mention some of the changes I've made of late. I always find these sorts of posts useful when I'm looking back at my old entries. Note that I've chosen a topic about as unrelated to 12/12/12 superstition as possible--yeah, that's completely intentional. Okay, so here goes:

  1. Archived old photos: In other words, I've deleted a bunch of old photos and removed them from associated blog entries. So, there're now a lot of entries that're older than about a year that  don't have images anymore. I left the ones with personal or relevant images, tossing all the stock-type images. It's a small space saver.

  2. Theme change: This one's obvious. I put away the Christmas theme, which I liked, but was getting old fast (and it's not even Christmas yet!). I actually did have a good reason, other than being bored with it. When I updated my WordPress install, I started having issues with the theme. So, I replaced it with WordPress' default theme, Twenty Twelve. It's beautifully coded, by the folks at WordPress. And, as you can see, highly customizable.

  3. Plugins Page: I added a page, accessible on the navigation menu, that links to the WP Plugins I use for this site. Mostly, I do this because occasionally I come across a blog I like, but won't be able to figure out what plugins they use, which irks me. I don't want to be that person.

That about sums it up for blog changes. I'm hoping to keep this theme for a while. I used my favorite colors, my font (Jellyka Delicious Cake) for the header/banner/logo at the top, and I used my favorite seamless background (I looooove the gray paisley). So, maybe with all of my favorite pieces, I can make a look I'll not get tired of anytime soon. Who knows. I tend to be a little bit bi-polar about blogging... well, about everything in my life, unfortunately. But yeah, blogging gets a good chunk of that treatment. So what do you think of my new theme? I worked on it for quite a few hours tonight. I'd be interested to hear what you think.