Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Unseasonal Texas is, well, Unseasonal. . .

I'm preparing to go to the doctor today--I get to have a physical for Christmas, yay--and is telling me it's going to be 79 degrees. Yes, yes, I'm that geeky girl who checks the weather regularly, which I blame on my mom because she'd watch the weather channel on TV when I was a kid. It so warm here, in fact, that we have a fire advisory warning because of the warmth, wind, and lack of humidity. It's December, for cryin' out loud, it shouldn't be this warm. It should be winter, but here we are. It has been in the 70s for the last week or so, with some days reaching up to 80 degrees.

This is the warmest winter we've had since I moved to Texas, and come mid-February, it's going to start warming up again. That's about the time Texas starts to see Spring, even in good years, when it actually gets cold. Weather here tends toward warm, anyway, but we haven't seen a day cooler than high 40s or a night cooler than low 30s this year. It's been quite temperate, which I suppose would be okay if it weren't also so dry. So, so dry. We haven't seen more than a few drops of rain in probably six months. I think it might have rained a little bit last week, but not enough to matter. The ground sucked up the water like it was dying of thirst, which, I suppose, it is.

Still, this too-temperate weather is making it hard to feel the Christmas spirit. Our tree's been up since before Thanksgiving, it's pretty and it helps, but thanks to the flood of Christmas songs and movies, we've come to expect a certain chill in the air--if not a white Christmas, thanks Hollywood!! Without the chill, I just have a hard time feeling it. It's there, the feeling of Christmas, it's just not terribly profound. I'd need some pretty serious cold weather to get there, which isn't going to happen, but at least Weather is saying it's going to be in the 50s on Christmas. That might help.

Also, we're going to Waco on Saturday to have Christmas with my in-laws. Maybe that will help, I don't know. My mother-in-law might not be there, apparently she has to attend a funeral that day. We'll see. So, it might just be us and my father-in-law. I'm thinking that after we see them, we might go see a Christmas lights display, though I'm not completely sure where. Matt and I have never gone to a Christmas lights thing, even when we actually lived in Waco. Still, maybe a drive around to look for some will raise my holiday spirit.

For Christmas day, we'll stay home together (unless he has to work, not sure yet). It should be nice a quiet. I'm going to make a little turkey (just turkey breast) and a little ham (not a whole ham), sides, and pie. That should make it nice, despite the terribly un-seasonal weather. As for gifts, we're terrible about waiting and so we'll probably open them at midnight, since we're usually still awake. We've already opened one of them each, on Thanksgiving. I know, we're bad!

Alright, so I should finish getting ready for doctor's appointment, to which I just might wear a light weight dress. I can't even believe I'm contemplating that, it's December. Someone should tell Texas that it's December!!