Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Lucky #13

It's our 13th anniversary!! Or, as Matt likes to say, the day the whole world celebrates our love (heh!).

I won't lie and say it's always been easy--any married couple knows that would be a profound lie--but certainly I love and respect Matt now more than I ever have. He's a wonderful guy and absolutely perfect for me, and I couldn't imagine my life without him. And yes, I know, all of that is sort of mushy and generic, but it's also the truth and sometimes the simplest thing is the most apt. In this case it certainly is.

I love you, honey!!

And seriously, check him out. . .

He's hot! I mean, H-A-W-T!! He cleans up beautifully. And trust me, though he looks good in that picture, he looked down right tasty in person!!

Mmmm. . . hmmm. . . *cough*

Okay, okay!! Moving on. . .

Where was I? Ah yes, so, though today is our anniversary, Matt has to work so we're going to celebrate together tomorrow. He'll get off of work this morning at 7am and have to be back to work at 7pm tonight, so sleep is pretty important in there somewhere. We'll probably just grab something quick to eat this afternoon and get some fro yo (I kinda made him promise!). Tomorrow we'll go out to Pastafina and have a nice anniversary dinner, then we're planning to come home, cuddle up together on the sofa, and watch some horror movies.

Yes, I said horror movies. It's our 13th year, horror movies are in order. I mean, it just seems wrong to celebrate lucky number 13 (double heh!) with romance or rom-coms. So, horror it is and we picked up a few good ones at Hastings last week, so it should be fun. Oh, and of course what anniversary horror movie marathon is complete without more fro yo?! Yeah, certainly not ours!! I'm kind of an addict.

So whatever you're doing today, I hope you have an excellent holiday. Happy Valentine's Day!!