Friday, March 22, 2013

Still & Quiet

I had one of those moments of perfect peace and quiet this morning. Those blissfully silent moments when the only sounds were my breathing and the distant sound of cars on the near-by highway. Matt had come to bed and was telling me about last nights 7th Sea game when he started to drift off to sleep. The dogs were blessedly silent, which is so rare that I actually noticed it. That's when it happened, when my mind just slipped into this state where I was a part of the silence. I concentrated only on what I could hear, but didn't seek out new sounds, only accepted them when they presented themselves. It was sheer bliss.

Sadly, those moments can't last forever and Matt disturbed it by rustling around in the covers, trying to get the blankets off of himself. I was snapped back to reality, which was just a little bit sad, but I climbed out of bed feeling pretty good anyway. Something that I really needed this morning because I had really vivid, disturbing dreams all night, which are thankfully fading from my memory, but are leaving me feeling disturbed, like I need to scrub my subconscious with something sudsy and happy. In lieu of that, I just settled for a fluoxetine and a bowl of multi-grain cheerios, and I'm fine with that. It could have been a much worse morning.


  1. I've experienced that "still and quiet" feeling EARLY in the morning when I'm suffering one of my bouts of insomnia. I'll go out into the kitchen and sit on the floor with a snack or a cup of tea, and it is so very quiet and peaceful. I love it.

  2. I love it, too, and it happens for me so rarely. My dogs are always barking at some imaginary sound, or Matt's talking, or I wake up with a headache. But, I suppose it makes me appreciate those moments more when they do happen.