Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Without Nuts. . .

Several weeks ago, I sent Matt to the store for some things. I asked him to get Blue Bunny Sweet Freedom Ice Cream while he was there--if you haven't tried it, it's great, you can get it at Walmart and it has no added sugar. The only two requirements were that the ice cream not have nuts in it and that it was either chocolate or vanilla, or that he get one tub of each. Easy, right? Oh, and I told him to get bananas. I even texted him a list, so he couldn't forget. So when he came home with two tubs of Blue Bunny Sweet Freedom Banana Split Ice Cream, I wasn't too happy. It was exactly what I asked him not to get.

His explanation:
You wanted something without nuts and they didn't have chocolate. So, I got that one because it has chocolate in it. And, like, cherries and pineapple and stuff.

Facepalm moment. . . So I tell him that it also has nuts in it and he's completely dumbfounded. The man didn't bother to read the top of the tub and says he didn't know that banana splits have nuts on them. Oh, he also forgot the bananas. Thanks, honey. So, I've been eating it, even though it's not my favorite thing, and spitting out the nuts--which is what reminded me of it and prompted this post. I know, it sounds gross, but its how I always choked down rocky road, too. I literally hate almonds and walnuts. Hate them. So I suppose next time if I want something done right, I need to do it myself.

Banana split. . . seriously. God, I love that man, even when he completely screws up the little stuff. :)