Monday, April 22, 2013


Would you believe this is my 400th post at this blog? I have to say "at this blog" for two reasons: 1) this isn't my first blog, or even my second, and 2) because I have zero idea how many posts I've actually written when you add it all together. If I had to, I'd guess somewhere closer to 1,500 or so, but who could say? Part of me wishes I'd done some tallying or or had some way to go back and read everything I've written over the years. The other part, the one that knows that there was a time when I was a horrible writer, is glad I can't.

So in honor of 400 posts, I thought I might take a page from Jodi's book and share some facts. Here goes:

  • This blog was born on September 29, 2009 making it a little more than 3 1/2 years old.

  • As of right now, there are 1,458 approved comments on this site.

  • My site stats say I've had 35,650 unique visitors.

  • Akismet has caught 10,673 spam comments since this blog's inception.

  • This blog has had just one name, but probably 20 different looks.

  • The most hits this blog has received in one day was 125 on January 26, 2011.

  • The post "True. . . Research?" is my most popular post with 2,461 hits.

  • The post "Cupcake Cones & a Free e-Cookbook" came in second with 1,458 hits.

  • The post "Cupcake Vineyards: Red Velvet" was third with 1,456 hits.

  • November 2009 was my most productive month with 24 posts.

  • This blog has 43 categories.

  • My most used categories are: Life with 124 posts, Fun with 90 posts, and Issues with 87 posts.

  • I find it ironic that a blog called "pessimist" has used the category "Fun" so much.

  • I'm apparently tag crazy because this blog has 1,042 tags.

  • My most used tag is Graduate School with 41 posts, then school with 29, master's thesis with 20, and marriage with 19. (Wish I knew how to combine some of them!).

  • This blog has 446 active images and 38 unattached images.

  • The search term used most to find me is "eric northman" some 1,642 times so far (there are 481 other search hits from terms relating to eric northman).

  • "Cupcake cones" is the second most popular term with only 320 searches.

  • The term "Pretty Pessimist" has been used 29 times to find me.

  • My name has been used to find me only 5 times.

  • These foreign terms have been used: احلى فيلم رومانسي ساندرا بولوك (something about romance movies with Sandra Bullock), колесо дхармы (wheel of Dharma), and татуировки на плече (tattoo on shoulder).

  • The most amusing search term is: "hate computers." It's ironic, right? I mean, this is a blog which means it's only on the computer.

  • I'm running WordPress's Twenty-Twelve theme and have 7 active plugins.

  • I host with HostGator and am very happy with them.

I've been blogging since 2003, so before I was here I was at, then, then I self-hosted another blog at Now, I'm here. So, clearly I've hopped all over the web. And, in honor of reaching 400 posts at this blog, I thought I'd share with you what my first blog ever looked like. Mind, this isn't this blog, but my first blog over at blogspot back in April 2003. Ready? Okay, here goes...


Yikes! I know you can't see what it says and that's just fine with me. The purpose is just to show you what it looked like. I was a horrible writer when I started blogging, but I did it anyway because I enjoyed it, and I can honestly say that blogging regularly has made me a better writer. Well, that and going to college, I'd imagine.

One more image. . .

This is that same blog as the picture above after it's first premium make-over. This theme is my first custom theme ever. I chose the image and the designer put it all together. I still kind of like it, actually, though I would probably have chosen different colors if I could do it all over again. Maybe a monochrome and red palette? Ah well, hindsight and all that. I wonder what they designer is doing now?

Anyway, this blog has seen a lot of milestones since it's inception. More than any of my other blogs. More than all of them put together, actually. Since I started this blog, I've:

That's a heck of a lot of milestones so far and with any luck there will be many more to come. So here's to another 400 posts and more. Man, I wish I had some of that Cupcake Vineyard's Red Velvet right about now!!

One last thing before I go. Today is Earth Day. So, here's a post I wrote about Earth Day in 2011. It seems to be getting more hits than usual today. We're just staying home today, hanging out, no driving anywhere, so it'll be a green 400th post-aversary! :D