Saturday, April 27, 2013

All the Pretty Horses. . .

I had the opportunity to go out to my friend Marsha's place yesterday to see her new filly. Her horse, Lily, just gave birth to her foal a few nights ago, so I was dying to go see her. Up until last year, when I went out to Marsha's the first time, I had never been closer than 500 feet to a horse. Seeing them up close was awesome.

While I was out there today I took the opportunity to get some pictures.

This is Lily, she's the mama. . .

Pretty, isn't she?! Marsha named Lily's baby Hisolda, a derivative of Isolde. Want to see her?

D'awwww!!  Okay, I didn't take that picture. I stoke it from Marsha's Facebook page. But I did photoshop it a little bit. This is the one I took. . .

Double d'awwww!! If hugging her had been an option, I totally would have done it.  But her mama didn't seem like she would allow that, so I didn't push my luck. She also didn't want to stand still for a picture, but look at those legs. She's one tall filly!

I even got to
bridle her (erm, I think)halter her for the first time ever, which was pretty awesome. She was jumping all over the place. Very cool experience.

After that, I went to see the other horses, Claudia (who's with foal), Grace, and Petra. They're all just such beautiful creatures!

This is Grace and Claudia, respectively. Claudia is one big horse, but I don't think I'd have known she was pregnant if Marsha hadn't told me. Check out Ms. Claudia's close up. . .

She's so pretty!! And check out her sister, Petra (not actually sisters). . .

I love her brown spots. I know with a dog it's called brindle, I have no idea what it's called with a horse. She's a good girl, even though she's not ride-able because she spooks easily. She's also smaller than the other horses out there, but according to Marsha she's a much more usual size as horses go. And she loves her mama. . .

It's so pretty out there, with the horses and chickens, I just wanted to stay all afternoon. But, then Matt would have starved, so I dragged myself away after a while, but I'm going back sometime to see those pretty horses again soon!


  1. SO pretty! The horses seem like they have such a pretty home too. I always feel sorry for some of the horses I see in the high desert, who are stuck in small, drab corrals. These horses look like they have a great home. And they look so healthy. Your friend is obviously taking great care of them!

  2. It was fun having you come for a visit, you are welcome any time. In a few weeks, Claudia will have her baby and then there will be two to play with. I'm glad you got to experience "haltering" Hisolda for the first time. You never know what job we will put you to when you come visit!

  3. These horses are so beautiful! I wish there was a universe in which I could own horse--but not have to clean out their stalls.

  4. They have a really pretty home out there. Nice stalls, a lot of space. Love it out there!! She loves them and does take really good care of them. :)

  5. I had a good time, too, Marsha!! I'm going to come visit you again. Thanks for the correction about "haltering." I don't quite have all the jargon down. If that was a job, sign me up for more!

  6. I just wish I knew something about horses. Though, I do know a lot more now than I did before I met Marsha. One thing I've learned is that they are a lot of upkeep!