Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Brainspill: Work, School, & Criminals

Whew, I'm actually all caught up on my grading. That feels. . . amazing and crazy. For the first time this semester, I have no paper's to grade for upwards of three weeks. It's awesome, now I can get caught up on my school work for my Organizational Behavior class. I only have like 7 quizzes to take before I'm done with that classes work, but I have to read more than 100 pages for each of them. So, it's a balance to find the time, but Matt works tonight, so maybe I'll be able to get some of that done.

Otherwise, I'll probably just do a little bit of housework--like the dishes and laundry--and watch my true crime shows. I wish I could say why, but I am crazy addicted to shows like Snapped, Snapped: Killer Couples, Deadly Women, Lockup, and Lockup Raw. I guess I've always been pretty interested in that stuff, but it's getting out of hand. Lockup and Lockup Raw record quicker than I can watch them--they're shows on MSNBC about prison life and they're really interesting. Maybe I missed my calling and should have gone into criminal justice and forensics? That would have been a quite different life than the one I have now.

I mean, teaching English is a far cry from working with criminals*. Oh, and speaking of, it looks like I'll have three classes in the Fall, so that's good. I'm going to have one English 1301 (111, Freshman Composition) and two English 1302 (112, Freshman Composition & Research). So, I'll likely have about 75 students in all. That's the most I've ever had, but I think it should be fine trying to manage it and there's always the chance I could get one more section (though it's a slim chance). All in all, I'm really finding this job fulfilling--so much different than how I felt when I was in grad school (the first time).

But, I won't work in the summer. Adjuncts don't do summer work here for whatever reason, which is fine. I'm going to take 9 hours of summer coursework instead. I'm currently registered for Business Research Methods, Human Resources Management, and Managing Human Resource Development. Then, in the fall I'll take another 6 hours of coursework, Laws & Regs in HR and Compensation Management, while I teach 9 hours. I think the comps for this program are also during the fall semester, but I can't be sure. It's multiple choice. 70 = passing grade, so it shouldn't be too bad. Then, I'm planning to graduate in the spring (May 2014) with my MS in Human Resource Management. What I do from there, I have no idea. :)

I've also been considering trying to pick up some extra classes of online work as an adjunct through some of the local(ish) junior colleges. I'm not sure though. I'm not sure it's wise to do extra work, three sections here, and try to go to college. I really need to think about it. I'm also super content doing adjunct work at Tarleton, I'm very comfortable here, so much so that it feels like home, so I may just stick with that. It's something to consider anyway.

Okay, so now that I've jumped all over the place, talking about work, class, and criminal shows. I think it's time for me to go home. I'm at work, I'm done, but I'm waiting for Matt to wake up and come get me so we can have some frozen yogurt. Love that stuff and our local place has a new flavor I want to try: Honey Vanilla Greek. Sounds delicious! Okay, now I've added yet another topic. I really am going before this gets out of hand.

* Well, the girl involved in the rash of robberies in town a few weeks back is a student, so this is mostly true.