Friday, April 19, 2013

Cotton Belt Trail in Waco, TX

I mentioned in my last post that after Matt was done with his GRE, I talked him into taking a short hike with me. I had seen the trail from Old Lorena Road and really wanted to get a closer look, but I didn't want to go alone. This wasn't my agoraphobia, mind you, but was rather whatever bit of common sense I have left telling me a woman with an expensive camera shouldn't saunter off all alone. Self-preservation has it's moments.

After we parked, I took a few minutes to stop and smell the flowers. . .

For whatever reason, I tend to call those pink flowers poppies, even though I know they can't possibly be poppies. After some research, it would seem they're called pink buttercups. There were a lot of them all mixed up and growing wild with the bluebonnets. So pretty!

Then, we started down the trail. Our end goal was the bridge of the river, which didn't at all look that far. The trail even tricks you into thinking it's downhill, and for a while it is.

Until, of course, it's not anymore. It goes up hill so gradually, though, that you don't notice it at first.

But, you can't get up there, onto that bridge, without a little climb. And, it was totally worth it. Not only is the bridge awesome, but the view is too. Check out those solar powered lights.

I love the logo in the middle of the bridge. It's so retro. But like I said, it's the view that makes it worth the climb. . .

I'm a sucker for awesome views. I love how green and filled with little waterways central Texas is. And the breeze up here was amazing, it cooled us down from the uphill hike pretty nicely. I could probably have stayed up there a lot longer, but Matt was eager to hike back to the car and be on our way.

The hike back tricks you into thinking it's also downhill, but unlike the hike up, the one down really is mostly downhill. . . mostly.

Until, again, it's not. . .

But this little stretch up to the parking lot is the only uphill climb on the way back. Matt was grateful for that. When we got back to our car, which you can't see here because it's hiding behind that tree on the right-hand side, I told Matt I wondered what was in the other direction. This parking space isn't actually at the trail head, so the trail stretches on for several miles in either direction. Might be that next time I can talk him into going the other direction.

Beautiful, isn't it?