Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Haiku Mood. . .

One of the things I like best about my job is that many of my colleagues are really fun people. Take Hank, for example, one of the instructors who was also my adviser when I was an undergrad. He posted a whole thing about haiku poetry on Facebook today (which was originally for his Intro to Lit students) that really has me in a haiku mood. . . if such a thing is possible.

So here's mine for the day. . .

Cool breezy morning
Locked away inside today
Meeting with students

All in all, It has been a really nice day so far. I am in a pretty excellent mood, which the haiku's are only improving. Matt drove me to work and bought me breakfast before he dropped me off, which I think really helped. Since he's off work today, when he picks me up we're going to go eat. He said he'd "curb-stomp Santa for Chilis" so that's what we're going to have. So for Matt. . .

Don't curb-stomp Santa
Chilis has great mac and cheese
The North Pole is saved

Okay, that's the last one. I promise. Besides, I have another student conference in a few minutes, so I should run. But before I do, I lied. One more. . .

Have a lovely day
Better Tuesday than Monday
Weeks are too darn long

I just realized that only my first one has the nature allusion that is often required of traditional haiku, but that's okay. They're fun anyway! ;)