Sunday, April 21, 2013

Our Marriage License. . .

I've mentioned a few times that I've been doing some digging around through some old boxes. I've shared pictures and documents that have special meaning for me, but this one is particularly so. In the category of things I thought I'd lost forever, there's this:

Our marriage license. I found it in a keepsake box inside another box. What it was doing in there, I have no idea, but I've since put it in another keepsake box (an old wooden cigar box) with all the pictures I've been collecting and scanning lately. Hopefully it won't get lost again, but if it does, I have a scan of it now. Safe and sound in cyberspace.

I think I've mentioned before that a few days before we got married we went down to the court house to get our license. It wasn't at all formal, we just sort of chatted about it for a few minutes to make sure we were both still interested in getting married, then went to get it taken care of pretty quickly. Very laid back, no pressure, exactly the way it should be. All of the focus that day, February 8th, and then again on February 14th was on us, not on planning anything. We got married, went to the game shop, then went out to dinner. There aren't even any pictures, but that's okay. I have this and I have my memories, that's good enough for me.

Pretty, isn't it? Maybe I should frame it instead of keeping it in a box. It would look pretty on the wall with our degrees. I think I might just do that soon!