Friday, May 17, 2013

My Someday Soon...

When I was a little girl, rather than dreaming about marrying a prince and living in a fairytale castle, I dremt of being a successful career woman with a high rise loft apartment. While I'm not 100% there yet, I've run into a problem. You see, it would seem that the man I've chosen to share my life with doesn't like lofts. How can it be possible that anyone doesn't like lofts? The exposed brick, the concrete floors, the open piping. It's a dream, but one he doesn't seem to be having. And rest assured, this is a pretty big deal. A huge deal, in fact, because I've always seen myself in a loft as my forever space.

He would rather live in a townhouse or a single family home. He would even prefer a plain old apartment. To his credit, they are much more cost effective than loft living. When asked why, it would seem that every single thing that makes me love them, turns him off. He doesn't like the exposed brick, hates the polished concrete floors, detests the open pipe work. Who is this man?!

He says it wouldn't be ideal for our dogs, but a lot of places have nearby (or attached) dog parks. I've looked into it. But the dogs aren't really the problem. Rather, his issue seems to be that they generally don't have walls. He wants a place with walls. For the life of me I can't figure that one out. There's just two of us. Me and him. Two dogs and a cat. Why on earth would he need walls?

Then, not ten minutes ago, he tells me that he's changed his mind. He still doesn't like them but if/when we move he'll be happy wherever I'm happy. It's a trap. I'm sure of it. It's one of those marital tests that make you wonder what the heck you're supposed to do. Do I take him at his word? Do I chose a place I know he doesn't, at first, like? Or do I take his feelings into consideration without his permission? Because his giving in on this makes me think putting the ball in my court will also make me responsible for his misery, should he really, actually hate it.

In this case,  when the time eventually comes, I chose what will make me happy. At least for the time being, because it's what he says he wants and I'm going to respect him enough to take him at his word. Besides, I'm sure that if he looked at them, stood in one, saw how happy it makes me, that he'd find a way to like it, too. That's what I tell myself, anyway.

There is one shining light though. He seems to like my choice of furniture. That's something. You see, I've always imagined filling my dream loft with beautiful, retro furniture. Sleek lines that scream 1950s. Something exactly like this...

It's the Nixon Leather Sofa in Brompton Brown and I love it. It's perfect in every sense and one day, mark my words, it will be mine. One day when I can afford to pay $2,800 for a sofa. And the loveseat isn't much less. Oh, and there's a chair that matches. And the same company makes desks and tables. My loft will be brilliant. It will be perfect. I'll fill it with retro furniture and lamps, area rugs, Big Chill modern-retro appliances. Matt and I will be happy there, living the life I always dreamed, and he'll love it too because I'll be happy. Someday.

Until then, I had better get on doing the things to make this fantasy a reality. Whatever that may be. Pictures forthcoming. Someday.
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  1. I'm with Matt...I don't like loft apartments! They are too open. I do LOVE exposed brick, but I don't like concrete floors or open pipe work- those things make me feel like I am in an industrial building rather than a home. Actually, the polished concrete reminds me of some of the newer department stores (like the new J.C Penney remodel in VV). I like walls...they make me feel secure, cozy, safe...

    I DO hope, however, that you get your dream. :)

    And I LOVE the sofa.

  2. I think it's the industrial that I love. I love that so many of these places are in old industrial buildings, like factories, that have been converted. They make me feel so... connected to something I can never be a part of. I just love them. Maybe it's romantic!

    If I had kids, I think I'd want walls, too!! With us, it's just us. But I can see how it could make you feel secure and cozy, too!! :)

    Either way, I hope that I can talk him into liking them or at least tolerating them. lol

  3. How cute this entry was! It was like reading a little girl writing her hopes and dreams into a diary. I hope you get your loft Kristyn!

    P.S. I'm adding that sofa to my wishlist.

  4. Thanks, Jodi. I hope so too!! We'll see. I'd have to get the job that can pay for the loft first. Also, that sofa is brilliant, isn't it?! I love it. If I have my way I'll have it soon (relative to when I get the job that can pay for the loft). :)