Wednesday, May 1, 2013

On Upgrading to iPhone 5...

Matt and I got our new iPhones today. I've been dying to have the iPhone 5 since it came out last year, but wouldn't ever let me upgrade because we didn't have an upgrade available. So, rather than paying $400 per phone, he made me wait for May to get a new one. Boo! We had the following conversation a whole bunch of times. . .
K: Plllleeeeeaaaaaasssssssssssssseeeeeeeeeee let me get a new phone?!
M: Wait for May, it's not that long.
K: Do you know how many pictures I could take between now and then?!
M: *eyeroll*

So, the first thing he did when he got his phone was to figure out how to work Siri. He convinced her to call him "Game Master" which is hilarious. Then he started taking pictures of our mutts (who aren't actually mutts). He took one look at the picture quality and gaped...
M: It auto-zooms on things that're moving and look at this picture quality!!
K: Mhmm, it's awesome!
M: Shoot, we should have updated months ago!
K: *tosses a dog on him and walks away*
M: Bwahahahahahahaha!!!!

For my part, I haven't quite decided what I'll have her call me, but Kristyn seems apt. Or maybe I'll make her call me something completely off the wall. I'll think about it while I'm deciding whether or not to strangle Matt. Now, back to playing with my new toy!


  1. I tried having Siri call me different nicknames, but ultimately, hearing her smooth computerized voice say my own name played into my inner-ego-maniac the best. Congrats on the new phone! I have the 5S--I love it.

  2. Congrats on your new iPhone 5! I love mine! I use Siri a lot to text for me while I am driving. I love how she offers verbal navigation when you are trying to find a place/address. I also LOVE the hotspot/tethering option (I use that to get Internet on my iPad when we were traveling).

  3. Jodi, you totally threw me off with the 5s thing--particularly since there's not a 5s yet. lol. I love having Siri tho, I finally figured out how to make her work and do what I needed her to do. For now, I'm making her call me "Mistress." ;)

  4. I love that she's able to send texts while driving, though I haven't figured out how to work her without pushing the button first. May need to see if I can. That would be awesome.

    Hotspot? I had no idea it could do that. Going to check that out, too! Thanks, Shannon!

  5. Oooh, kinky. ;)

    Sorry about the mind-boggling typo. LOL.

    I concur with Shan--try out the navigational system. It's awesome. You know I have a big fat fear of getting lost...well with Siri, that is GONE.

  6. Matt tried to use it to direct us home this afternoon. Siri had us going the wrong direction and making turns that took us further and further away from where we were trying to go. LOL. I don't think she's terribly adept at finding "private roads".

  7. The hotspot is great! Just go under settings, "personal hotspot" and turn it on. It gives you a WiFi password, which you can use for other devices. I LOVE this feature...I can take my iPad or laptop anywhere to study, and they work (instead of being limited by places that only offer WiFi). :-)

  8. I can't seem to turn it on. Looks like I have to activate the feature with AT&T. Going to have to call them. Seems like a great feature for my iPad and MacBook!