Friday, June 7, 2013

39 Years

This is my mom & dad, Cheryl & Glenn, probably when they were engaged, so somewhere around 1973. I should know, but I don't exactly. It's definitely the early 70's, they're so young and her hair gives it away. Not to mention those sleeves. Honestly, though, it had to be the early 70's because my parents didn't even meet until 1973. I love this picture.

This month they'll celebrate their 39th wedding anniversary.

Though I can never remember their exact wedding date--for some reason, I always want to say June 22nd--I am always able to remember how many years they've been married because they had me almost exactly four years after they wed.

Wedding: 1974. Me: 1978.

It's just so surreal to me to think that they've been married almost 40 years. I've been with Matt for 14 years and there are days when that seems like a long time. 40 years is literally a lifetime. In a world where so few people actually make it even to 10 years, my mom and dad will make it to 50!

I love you both so much and I miss you every day. Happy Anniversary (a tiny bit early) to the most wonderful parents in the world. I hope you have a beautiful 39th year of marriage.