Wednesday, June 5, 2013

An Interview & An Art Museum

I had a job interview this morning in Dallas, so Matt and I decided to make a day of it. The interview was with Epic Health Services for a marketing position--a job I would love to get.  I think it went well, the woman who interviewed me was very nice and the whole process was very encouraging. She did say she was interviewing other candidates and that it'll probably be the end of next week, or beginning of the week after, before I hear anything. Still, I feel that I'm qualified and that Epic would be a wonderful opportunity, so I'm hopeful! More about that when I know more. For now, my fingers are crossed.

After my interview we had Ponchos--which Matt loves and I don't so much love--then went to the Dallas Museum of Art to see the "The Body Beautiful in Ancient Greece" exhibit. Though we had to pay admission to see the works, it was very worth the cost. Each and every one of the pieces was stunning. The only thing I regret about it is that I wasn't able to take pictures because the exhibit is on loan from the British Museum. Still, being able to see the "Discus thrower (diskobolos)" (Roman period, 2nd century A.D., after a lost Greek original of about 450–440 B.C., from the villa of the emperor Hadrian at Tivoli, Italy) was surreal. Many of them were so life-like, as though, had they been fully in-tact with all their limbs, they might have stepped off the dais. It was wonderful.

We spent some time looking at the permanent exhibits, too, but only got about a quarter of them seen before we were out of steam. The museum is huge and since we plan to go back sometime in the near future, there was no reason for us to rush it. Some of my favorites, though, were the weapons and jewelry from all over the world. Some of the pieces were just so beautiful. There wasn't enough light in the museum to use my Nikon, but I was able to get a lot of pictures with my iPhone, which was at 4% battery life when I got home for all the use it got today--Siri gives great directions, after all.

After the museum we hit Central Market again, which was both a great idea and a terrible one. We got a bottle of shiraz, a small bottle of saki (for Matt, who insisted), a six-pack of vanilla ale,  honey mead with mulled spices (Matt again!), cheese curds (yeah, Matt), muffins that are absolutely to die for, milk chocolate sea salt caramels, coffee beans, and a six-pack of cream soda. What we didn't buy is anything remotely necessary or useful. I informed him that when we move to the Metroplex we cannot shop there. We'd never get home with anything we actually need, rendering grocery shopping completely pointless. He laughed, but didn't disagree. He also didn't agree, which could mean we're in trouble.

After that we had IHOP to wait out the rush hour, then headed home. Really remarkable how a day can be such exhausting fun! We used Siri to guide us around the Metroplex, which was both amusing and frustrating, but we realized that as big as it is, it's not that difficult to get around up there. A serious plus considering our plans to move up there when we're able to secure employment. In all, it was a lovely day and Matt's promised me that sometime soon, since he wouldn't go today, that we can go to Ripley's Believe it or Not/Madame Tussaud's. I can hardly wait!