Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Blog Maintenance Updates

While sitting around tonight, avoiding cleaning my house, I got to fiddling with my blog. Nothing new there, right? I'm always moving the virtual furniture. This time, I made some different and notable changes, so I thought I'd share them with you.

  1. I messed with my theme, but only to change the header image on the left-hand sidebar. Otherwise, it's the same theme, which I'll likely keep for the foreseeable future because I love how it looks. Do you like the new image?

  2. I updated my social media icons with new colors that reflect the colors in my header.

  3. I added more ways to reach me and get in touch, including: Twitter, LinkedIn,, and email contact icons.

  4. I moved my "blogroll" to a links page called "blogs & websites" that you can find on the top navigation bar.

  5. I moved some citation-type information to the footer so you know where I got my header image & how to find those cute little social media icons.

  6. I added an Instagram widget (my favorite iPhone app, by far!)

  7. I moved my admin link off the sidebar.

  8. Finally, I installed a plug-in that allowed me to make a really neat archives page, rather than the boring drop-down menu I had before, which can also be found on the navigation bar. Take a look, it's really neat. It categorizes it by the month, then includes either a title or a picture for the link to the post, depending, of course, on whether or not the post has any images. Too much fun!

That's about it, but it's the most blog maintenance I've done in a while. I may also mess with my theme link hover colors, but I'm not sure it's worth it since the theme coder included the stylesheets in a separate folder, making it impossible to edit the CSS from the built-in editor--which, as much as I love this theme, was almost a deal breaker because I'm a person who likes to make small tweaks to my themes.

So, what do you think?

PS. My site can now barrel roll. My life is complete. ((Go to the search bar on the left side, type barrel roll, and experience the magic)).


  1. Love the changes! Especially the new header image. My only complaint is I'm going to miss seeing my blog listed right there on the side margin, but that's because I'm an egomaniac. ;)

  2. LOL, the links are still there, just not on the sidebar anymore. But I know what you mean, I'm a bit of an egomaniac too. Then again, I'm of the belief that all bloggers are somewhat ego-driven. So, it's okay.

    Thanks for the compliment on the changes. I love the header image too. It manages to be retro and modern all at once. Not many images can pull that off. I cropped it off an image I found on Pintrest a while back ( Just love it.

  3. You always find such good header images! I like the Instagram widget...I have really been wanting to add something like that to me and Jo's blog. Oh, and I like how "Tumbleweeds.." is listed on the top, haha (guess I'm an egomaniac too).

  4. Aww, thanks!! I just dig around the web until I find the right one. I love the retro-vibe of this particular picture. The Instagram widget is a plugin for wordpress, but i'd imagine you could do something similar with blogger--I'm an instagram junkie, so I couldn't help myself. ;)