Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Catching Up. . .

Long time no see!

Yes, yes... I know it's my fault. If I was around here more, we might see more of each other, but I've busy, you know? Doing... stuff.

What stuff?

Well, let's see... I've been watching Mad Men on Netflix while my back heals. That show is infuriatingly addictive. I absolutely hate almost all of the characters, but I can't stop watching it. It's insane, sexist, misogynistic fun!

I've also been putting together a professional portfolio website so I can work toward more freelance clients. What's that, you want to see it? Okay, why not?!


Click the image to go see the site live. Let me know what you think. I'm looking for feedback.

Let's see... what else?

Oh yeah! One more thing. It's looking like, unless one of the jobs I applied for comes through, that I'll be going to California in July. I'll fly out there, stay with my family for a week, then fly home. It'll either be July 8th - July 15th, or July 15th - July 22nd. I'll depend on a few factors, like Matt's work schedule (though I think the first one would be better because that's his long week. He wouldn't have much time to miss me). We'll see.

That's all I've got for now. Hope you're having a great summer. Now, I'm off to watch more Mad Men. Infuriating TV show! ;)


  1. Your new website looks great! I need to hire you to write in my blog for me at least once a week so Jodi doesn't give me a hard time, LOL
    You sound so happy in this post!

  2. Thanks!! But, I don't know, Shannon, I think Jodi might come after you for trying to hire a ringer. :P

    Think y'all might be around the week of July 8?

  3. Sorry, I'm reading your posts out of order, but YES, we'll be around. (<--okay, maybe I should stop speaking for her...she gets so crabby about it). Let's do lunch again! :-D

  4. I just commented on your other post about this, haha
    I would definitely like to meet up with you!

  5. Speaking "for her" is fine, but speaking "AS her" makes her crabby. LOL

  6. Hehe, it may not be the week of the 8th, though. But, maybe the week of the 22nd. It'll depend on the difference in cost. :)