Thursday, June 20, 2013

On Trips to California...

Well, I had planned to work tonight (at Demand), but their system is down(ish), so I won't be doing that. At least I got one article written and submitted, I suppose that's something. It would figure that the first night I go back to work for them that something goes wrong. Maybe I'm cursed? And I'm not sure how much work I'll get done this weekend since Matt's off until Monday--well, he's working tonight, but he'll be off tomorrow through Monday. Ah well, c'est la vie. Not going to worry about it.

Instead, let's talk about taking a trip. More specifically, a trip to California to see the fam. Since I haven't landed a job yet--though I have plans otherwise because job hunting really brings me down--and neither has Matt, and we're not moving yet, I'm going to take the opportunity to go visit my folk and my little sister. I'm planning to go July 8th - July 15th, that's the plan right now. Unfortunately, I can't get my ticket until the first week of July, which means my plans aren't 100% set in stone. But, there have been a few snags with the planning process, too.

Like, for example, the how of making this trip has proven to be a little bit arduous. Mostly because Matt's being a stubborn pain in the ass. Okay, he's being protective and loving, but in this case that translates to stubborn-pain-in-the-ass!! You see, I am not going to be taking the train again. No how, no way, unh uh! If there are any questions about that, refer to my post about the train ride from hell. 'Nuff said. So then, if not then train, how? The obvious answer is to fly, right? Ha, fly right! My mom use to tell us to "shape up and fly right" when we were kids. Anyway, flying isn't obvious for and if you have any questions about that you can refer to my post about the flight from hell... well, okay, maybe not because that happened before I had this blog. Blek! Here's a synopsized version...

*deep breath* I got super sick, threw up the whole way, thought the fight was non-stop but it turned out to be one stop with no plane change, so I got off the plane in Las Vegas, thinking I was in Ontario because, in my sick haze, my brain couldn't differentiate because I'd been to both airports so many times, spent another 20 minutes in the bathroom throwing up, realized I was in Las Vegas, had nothing but my carry on bag, no cellphone, no money, couldn't get a hold of my mom because I didn't have her cell number and she wasn't home because she had gone to Ontario to get me, finally resorted in a crying, anxiety attack soaked fit to call my dad's work, where the secretary mistook me for Candi and I had to nearly yell at her to get to her realize it was an emergency and I needed to talk to my dad. *whew*

Yes, it was a freaking mess. Mom came to Vegas with Candi to pick me up. So you see, flying isn't at all my thing. And, honestly, I didn't want to do it. So, I suggested that I rent a car and drive. This is where my stubborn streak and Matt's met in a head on duel. He said absolutely not. He didn't want me to drive 2,600 miles round-trip alone. I said he couldn't forbid me, that's not how it works, and that I'd do what I wanted. I'm about to turn 35 and don't like being treated like a child.

Besides, if I drove I could bring back my table (an end table I bought from Carriage House Antiques but haven't ever been able to bring home), and some books my aunt wants me to have, and potentially the antique double bed frame my folks want to give me. Driving would be smart and I could bring Chewbi.

He still said no. He wasn't having it and I'm none-too-pleased to say that I think he won this one. It looks like, despite my former bad luck with planes and my fear of flying, that I'll be doing just that... flying. On the upside, it's only about 4 hours if I fly, which is nice. So, I think that rather than flying Southwest, which has always been hit-and-miss with me, and whom I'm feeling sour towards because they're fat-haters, I'll fly American Airlines instead. We'll see. I've never flown American, but they've got to be better than Southwest, right? Right... I hope.

Anyway, it should be a nice trip, despite my ugly feelings about being made to fly. I plan to scan all of our family photos--there must be thousands of them--so that I can have digital copies. That'll be quite the huge project, but it'll be fun too, to go through all that stuff with my mom. So, fair warning, lots of family photos and nostalgic fond memories forthcoming once I'm home. I'll be taking my Macbook, so I can scan them directly to my computer. Though, I'm thinking it might be better to scan them onto my mom's computer and then make a copy so that we have them on a PC, since everyone seems to have PC. I don't know, I'll work it out.

And... they have a POOL!! July in the desert heat with a pool. That's going to be awesome. Although, I've gained quite a bit of weight this year (so much for accepting myself!), so I'm a tiny bit embarrassed about the people out there seeing me like that. But, they're my family so they love me anyway. :) Being fat is totally not keeping me from jumping in that pool at my earliest convenience. Or, hell, even if it's not convenient! I'm swimming while I'm there!!

So, it should be fun, except that, again, Matt's not coming. He's got work and trying to work out the logistics of trying to kennel our dogs was a hug headache. Maybe he'll be able to go next time. I sure hope so, I always miss him so much and I know my family would like to see him. Ah well. :(

Okay, enough rambling. I think 1050 words or so is more than enough for now. Back to work, hoping their system is back up. Good night.

**Teeny tiny itty bitty little update: Might be that I'll be going the week of July 22nd since buying a ticket a few days before you fly (ie. buying a ticket on July 3rd for a July 8th trip) makes it, oh, like, twice as expensive. We'll see, I'll keep you posted! ;) But hey, on the upside, if I got that week I'll be able to spend my 35th birthday with my parents. Okay! Now I really am going to bed. Good night... again!